Thursday, April 2, 2020

Syria: Did Israel try to take out Iranian General Soleimani's replacement

(Homs) On Tuesday morning (31/03/20) the IDF carried out an airstrike on  al-Shayrat air base. It’s situated right at the top end of the Bekaa valley and is used as a forward operating base by Hezb-allah for the movements of terrorists into Syria and the movement of Iranian weapons into Lebanon.

Now on Tuesday evening an aircraft had just delivered its latest shipment of what was presumed to be weapons when 2 flights of  Israel F16s (3 to each flight) decided to target the airbase with cruise missiles. Whilst the Syrians reported (as usual) that they shot down all the incoming missiles, videos on social media have shown explosions on the ground.
As mentioned the Syrians usually love to parrot to the world that their wonderful  air defence system worked far better than expected and then bleat to the UN about the nasty jew next door, But this time they have been somewhat reticent .

Now news is coming out of Syria, that the plane which landed didn’t just drop off weapons, it also unloaded  Iranian General Ismail Qaani. -who replaced  Iranian General Soleimani after he had a very unfortunate mishap with a American Hellfire missile- who was in town to host a meeting with senior Syrian, Hezb-allah and Iranian officers . Until the Iranian terrorist enabler turns up for a photo shoot we will never know.