Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Sweden: 95% of all gang criminals in Stockholm have a foreign background

(Stockholm) The Swedish newspaper Expressen has carried out a survey of criminal gangs in the capital which revealed that 95% of the thugs belonging to 192 gangs are of a foreign origin. Other statistics are:
  • 95% of them have been convicted of a criminal offences, 50% of drug offences, 20% of assaults
  • 53% of them are on welfare
  • 52% are in debt which has been picked up by the state
  • 56% live in migrant ghettos, which for PC reasons are classed by the Swedes as "vulnerable areas"
  • The average age is 27 years of age, with 40% born abroad, 82% have parents who were born abroad, and if you ask if at least one parent was born abroad, then that figure climbs up to… 94.5%.
  • The main countries of origin for these people are Iraq, Bosnia, Lebanon, Somalia, Syria and Turkey