Friday, November 13, 2015

Terrorist attack in Paris, Suicide bombers, grenade and gun attacks: Up to 120 murdered in cold blood. Death toll set to rise

(Paris) This evening France was brought to its knees by a number of coordinated attacks in the centre of Paris resulting in a large number of casualties.
Reuters, quoting an un-named official at Paris City Hall, says the current death toll in Paris is around 120.
The deadliest attack appears to have targeted the Bataclan concert hall with scores of ambulances arriving at the scene, suggesting many victims inside. French police have killed two of the gunmen there, but reports claim that there at least 100 hostages inside.

Three explosions were reported outside a bar near the Stade de France where Germany was playing France and where those 3 large explosions could be heard as the teams played. The match was stopped and the crowd told to move onto the pitch until all the exits could be checked for explosives.

Elsewhere, at least one man opened fire at a restaurant in the 11th district of the city, causing several several casualties.

The French police report that 6 separate gun attacks took place this evening in Paris. According to BFMTV, one of the gunmen shouted: "It's for Syria" at Bataclan and Allahu Akbar.

France has closed its borders,Paris is currently on curfew with troops patrolling the streets. The first time since WW2.

Update 14/0130/11/15 GMT
Belgium has imposed frontier controls on road, rail and air arrivals from France.

Reports from the police that 118 people are believed to have died in the Bataclan concert hall, along with at least 40 in separate attacks, the death toll looks to have risen to at least 158.

French president François Hollande has ordered the closing of the country’s borders to prevent the escape of the attackers, who have so far not been apprehended.

The Paris prosecutor has said that five attackers “may be” dead across the various attack locations.

Update 14/0300/11/15 GMT
The Paris police prefect has now confirmed that the attackers at the Bataclan rock venue blew themselves up with suicide belts as police closed in, killing four.
He said the gunmen first sprayed cafes outside the venue with machine gunfire, then went inside the concert hall and killed more before the assault by security forces.
The prefect, Michel Cadot, said one set of attackers was at the Stade de France, and at nearly the same time the second group attacked within the city.

Cadot said all the attackers are believed dead, although authorities are hunting for any possible accomplices.