Sunday, November 1, 2015

Coexist™: Islamic "Mercy" Channel: "Is Burning the Only Solution for the Jews?"

(FPM) Rahma means "mercy" in Arabic. It's just not a quality that you actually find in Islam.

Here on Al-Rahma, the Egyptian Islamic TV channel that defines itself as "an Islamitic religious TV channel. Al Rahma specializes in the science to explain the Quran in a correct manner" (no misunderstanding Islam here), two fine Islamic scholars, a Dr. Muhammad Khaled and a Dr. Yusri Ahmad Zidan discuss the need to kill all the Jews. Imagine if the Wannsee Conference were broadcast live.
Dr. Muhammad Khaled: Nebuchadnezzar burned them, the Crusaders burned them, and even Hitler and the Nazis burned them. Is burning the only solution for the Jews?

Dr. Yusri Ahmad Zidan: So it seems, so it seems

Dr. Muhammad Khaled: No negotiations, co-existence or anything

Dr. Yusri Ahmad Zidan: It's impossible
Well there you have it. Islamic mercy and the correct understanding of the Koran, all in one.

As Netanyahu recently learned, it's politically incorrect to suggest that Muslims are big fans of the Holocaust, even though they were and are big fans of the Holocaust. As bad as the BBC is, you don't get this quality of discourse in which two smiling hosts agree on the importance of killing all the Jews.

Though maybe with a little more Syrian migration that could change.

Dr. Yusri Ahmad Zidan appears to have a PhD in Islamic history and Islamic civilization and seems to be a Professor of Islamic History and Islamic Civilization at Dar Al Uloom in Cairo University, the same faculty that graduated some of the leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood.

That tells us quite a bit about Islamic civilization.

Can someone remind me of the difference between ISIS and Islam again? Because there doesn't seem to be [n]one.