Sunday, September 14, 2014

Islamic victimhood in the UK

(London) Yesterday, ISIS beheaded British Charity worker David Haines. And even while they are condemning this ugly murder, the Muslim Council of Britain is opining about yet another backlash against... Muslims. I quote:
"British Muslims are bracing themselves for a backlash after the beheading of David Haines by Islamic State militants, leading community figures have said. Harun Khan, deputy secretary general of the Muslim Council of Britain, said a backlash was experienced virtually every time violence carried out by extremists who claimed to act in the name of religion received high-profile media coverage."
You know what, I'm sick to the back teeth with this perceived status that only Muslims in the UK are victims. So let's look at this in greater detail, shall we?

9/11: How many Muslims were killed in reprisal in the UK? None.

7/77: How many Muslims were killed in reprisal in the UK? None.

The murders of Kris Donald, Ross Parker or even wheelchair user Colin Greenaway? None.

How about the very many incidents of Islamic rape gangs in the UK? None.

How about the murder of Charlene Downes who was believed to have cut up for Kebab meat? None.

Honour killings of which there has been loads? None.

Yet, after all of the above and many more, Muslims feel the right to class themselves as victims. Meanwhile, while they play the victim card for the actions of people who murder, pillage and rape in their name, the very same people have no problem castigating British Jews as somehow complicit in the actions of Jews in another country (Israel) and feel free to target them.

The only victims in the Islamic world are at the hands of Muslims. But that doesn't prevent them from trying to play the victim, does it? Oh, look, there's that bloody 'H' word again.