Saturday, August 9, 2014

Chicago liberals march in support of child-killing ISIS, genocide

(Examiner) Once again, American liberals are taking a stand supporting tyranny and murder over freedom. Despite reports of genocide and children being beheaded for simply being Christian, a group of about 30 liberals in Chicago marched in support of ISIS and railed against targeted bombing action in Iraq, the Chicago Tribune reported Friday.

"While he has sent 300 troops (aka 'military advisors') back into Iraq, Obama has clearly signaled that when he gets an Iraqi leader more willing to do the U.S.'s bidding, the U.S. will launch a dramatic escalation of the Iraqi Civil War, with more death and destruction for Iraqis. Obama also announced that even more surveillance is under way over Iraq to pinpoint targets for the missiles abroad aircraft carriers in the Persian Gulf," said a Facebook event announcing the protest.

"We must reject this violence against the people of Iraq," the event added, completely ignoring the violence being visited on Iraqi citizens by ISIS. "Just as we rejected George Bush's attempt to control Iraq, we must reject Barack Obama's attempt as well. This has nothing to do with 'preventing bloodshed' and everything to do with exerting American control." Apparently, the group thinks ISIS's tyrannical hold on Iraq is okay.

According to the Times, the 30 people at the protest included members of the Gay Liberation Network, Northwest Indiana Veterans for Peace and Antiwar Committee Chicago. The Tribune, however, did not mention the protest event, according to the Facebook page, was also sponsored by the International Socialist Organization along with other far-left groups.

"Leave it to Progressives to be so steadfast in their fight for peace that they end up defending ISIS genocide of ethnic minorities," a post at Progressives Today said. As we have reported, ISIS radicals are gleefully beheading children, raping and killing women and brutally murdering anyone who is not a Muslim. One British jihadi claimed they do it because "people love to see heads on spikes." By protesting the bombing, which is ineffectual at best and only intended as a minor show of force, liberals are giving a hearty "thumbs-up" to what one Chaldean Christian called "crimes against humanity."

ISIS radicals have also threatened to attack and conquer the White House. Oddly enough, Chicago liberals had nothing to say about that.

On the flip side, the Tribune said "thousands" of local Assyrians gathered in Daley Plaza demanding more aid and U.S. leadership in the formation of a safe haven for thousands of displaced Christians and minorities. Fox News' Greg Gutfeld, however, said that while humanitarian aid is necessary, the best aid they could receive is bombs targeting ISIS militants dead set on murdering everyone who is not a Muslim. The reason, he said, is that "evil," like that exhibited by ISIS, understands nothing but death.