Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Jordanian King to Visit Ramallah to Help PA Establish Second Palestinian State

The king doesn't like to talk about it but Jordan is the original Palestinian state. It's been an open secret since the 1947 UN partition.
(INN) Jordan's King Abdullah is set to arrive in Ramallah on Thursday on the first visit of an Arab leader to the area since the Palestinian Authority was granted UN recognition as a non-member observer state.

"King Abdullah will visit the state of Palestine the day after tomorrow, on Thursday, in the first visit by a top official to the Palestinian state after we received UN recognition," Nimr Hammad, political adviser to Palestinian Authority chairman Mahmud Abbas, told AFP on Tuesday.

"The visit will confirm Jordanian efforts and support for the Palestinian people and their leadership," Hammad added after assuming the status of "statehood" that the UN did not officially grant.