Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Europeans condemn Hamas' genocidal rhetoric after Netanyahu slams their "deafening silence"

(WJD) Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu scored a symbolic victory against the European Union on Monday, shaming the transnational organization into inserting a condemnation of Hamas into its standard attack on Israeli settlement plans

The E.U. met in Brussels earlier in the day to issue what was expected to be a particularly violent criticism of Israel's plans to settle the area known as E-1 near Jerusalem.

But Netanyahu counterattacked, asking the press why the E.U. was condemning Israel while maintaining a "deafening silence" on recent racist and genocidal statements by Hamas chief Khaled Mashaal.

The E.U. conceded the point, issuing a statement that called Mashaal's racism "unacceptable," and reiterating its "fundamental commitment to the security of Israel. "We will never stop opposing," the organization said, "those who embrace and promote violence as a way to achieve political goals."