Thursday, November 15, 2012

Discredited bBC goes all Pallywood over Gaza

(London) The bBC, which is currently in deep, deep water over how it not only covered up the peccadilloes of its TV and Radio stars against under-age minors and then tried to deflect all this unwarranted attention by trying to smear an innocent man, appears not to have learnt its lesson on reporting the news in a factual and honest manner. It seems that in its haste in which to promote Israel as guilty of war crimes for taking out the leader of Hamas' terrorist wing yesterday, they forgot to get somebody to check the video coverage of the numerous civilians injured by Israeli bombs.

Watch this bBC news report and pay attention to the badly injured man carried off by 4 people at the 2 mins 11 point. Then marvel at how Hamas medics work their magic at the 2 mins 42 point in which to allow that man to return to a life of... acting.

And the bBC failed to mention how good Hamas medics have become at treating the victims of Israel's war on the innocents.