Saturday, August 18, 2012

Ramadan death toll round-up, August 18, 2012

Well, with the end of Ramadan just around the corner, the faithful really are pulling out all the stops in which to make this one to remember, which is why bombings, shootings and beatings are going off the chart:

(Afganistan) People shopping at a market Shindand district got more than they bargained for when Islamic idiots set off a bomb targeting only they know who. The resulting blast killed 4 people, injuring 12.

Yesterday, at a parade commemorating the passing out of Afghan police cadets, a young police officer on receiving his official pistol, took it out and murdered two US serviceman. Today, a British soldier was shot dead whilst on patrol in Helmand.

(Philippines) Not content with killing non-Muslims in their quest to carve out a new Islamic nation from Christian majority Philippines, the  faithful, instead of thinking good thoughts, decided to attack their fellow Islamic terrorists, which is why 6 of these stupid, stupid thugs got their wish and are now 6 feet under.

(Pakistan) In the frontier town of Quetta, a very nice Muslim drove his explosives laden car up to a checkpoint and uttered the immortal words 'Allah Ackba'. The resulting blast murdered 5 people.

(Bahrain) Rioting Shia Muslims (paid for by Iran perhaps?) were met with force by the local police when they presumed that Allah would protect them. Unfortunately for them, Allah doesn't work that way, and 1 rioting thug was killed.

(Kashmir) An Indian border guard was shot dead after Pakistani troops opened fire on the border post he was based in, because apparently that is the nature of the beast which is Islam.

(Yemen) A member of the Hitler youth Religion of Peace™ drove a car packed to the gills with HE to the front door of the Yemeni intelligence agency in Aden and uttered 'Allah Ackba', killing 19 people.

(Iraq) An armed attack on a army checkpoint south of Kirkuk saw 5 Iraqi soldiers killed and another 4 wounded. Across the way in Mosul, gunmen broke into 2 separate houses and shot dead 6 people.

(Nigeria) Gunmen entered the village of Barkin Ladi and shot dead 3 people. In responce, the police have restricted the movements of Muslims in which to celebrate Eid (the end of Ramadan).

(Syria) The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reports and verifies on its Facebook page that 140 people have been killed in Syria today.

(Gaza) Two men have been found murdered inside the democratic republic of Gaza. Wahid Ghalban, 35, from Khan Younis, was found dead in Deir al-Balah, having sustained blows to the head with a sharp object, and Ragheb Abu Maghsib, was hit by a bullet during a family dispute south of Deir al-Balah, killing him instantly.

Ramadan death count moves up to 3,384.