Sunday, May 3, 2020

Venezuela: Gov claims to have stopped an invasion of the country set to overthrow Maduro

(Caracas) After the very strange tale of how a Venezuelan warship sank itself after it decided to ram a small passenger liner which unknown to them had a reinforced hull which allowed it to navigate Antarctica fairly safely last month. The socialist regime has revealed that they stopped an invasion of the country on Sunday resulting in the deaths of 8 invaders and the capture of 2 more stopped whilst trying to land on the port of La Guaira, 18 miles north of the capital. 

On top of that the every so efficient Venezuelan police force found a land base inside a house which contained a couple of 4 by 4s (complete with machine guns on the roof) which had a small American flag in the bottom of the windshield which shows the world that Washington was behind this huge invasion fleet which was set to launch an attack on the capital and take the crown from dictator for life Maduro. (Personally I feel that as they would have needed a few more vehicles and men seeing as how the Venezuelans have the most powerful military in South America  , including 71 T72 tanks and 130 BMP3 which is basically a small tank that can carry troops. backed up by 300, 000 troops)