Sunday, April 21, 2019

Syria: Israeli strike may have used their latest 'Rampage' missile

(Masyaf) It appears that Israel may have used its new 'Rampage' missile it which to carry out last weeks strike on Iranian assets inside Syria.

Rampage is a supersonic all-weather day/night Air to surface missile with a stand-off range of “100s of kilometres, is designed to bypass anti-missile systems such as the S300 and hit its target within 10 metres. Which apparently it did on the 13th April 2019 when it struck its targets a few miles east of a Syrian S300 system when it took out a number of warehouses and an M-600 missile launcher

(R) M600 missile launcher
     (L) Destroyed missile launcher 
As usual the Syrians claim that their anti-aircraft sysytem shot down the vast majority of incoming missiles causing very little damage.