Thursday, July 12, 2018

Germany: Police arrest and attack American victim of Anti-Semitic attack in mistake.

(Bonn) So on Wednesday a  50 year old  Jewish-American philosophy professor from the US University of Baltimore whilst walking in the Bonner Hofgarten (park) was attacked by a 20 year old German with Palestinian roots for being Jewish, after he noticed him wearing a kippah during the attack he screamed

" No Jews in Germany" 
Whilst the Professor gave chase, the police were called. On their arrival they noticed a man running after somebody so they arrested him, the problem was they arrested the wrong man, when he struggled, they subdued him by punching him in the face. They only realised their mistake when the person who called the police informed them of their error.

For some very strange reason, the police knew about the Palestinian assailant and he was picked up not long after and as is the case now in Europe, he has been placed in a physiatrist clinic. (it appears that across Europe rather than admit that certain people are nasty pieces of work (Anti- Semitic, Terrorism etc) they know throw them in a loony bin so as to write off their religion inspired hatred of non-Muslims as a mental disorder.

The victim has received an apology from the local interior minister and has now returned to the US.