Sunday, April 1, 2018

Somalia: Al Shabaab attacks an African Union base

(Buulo Mareer)  Sunday saw a terrorist attack on an African Union base (The African version of NATO)  which saw 4 Ugandan soldiers killed.

The base situated in the town of Buulo Mareer was attacked at around 9am with the detonation of  2 car bombs, this was immediately  followed up with a ground assault. Al-Shahbab are claiming they killed 57 Ugandans , but like all terrorist groups they do have a habit of embellishing the truth , the African Union states it lost 4 soldiers with another 6 injured whilst killing 30 terrorists, destroying eight al-Shabaab vehicles and seized four PK rifles, two rocket-propelled guns, two recoil-less guns, one walkie-talkie, and 18 submachine gun rifles. Unfortunately  the AMISOM mission inside Somalia have yet to substantiate the above on either their website or Twitter. so I can't confirm that either. That said the Ugandan media is reporting 4 deaths.