Monday, April 2, 2018

India: Major counter-terror offensive leaves 20 dead and 70 wounded

(Kashmir) The Indian government carried out a major counter-terrorist offensive in the restive state of Kashmir yesterday , resulting in a number of gunfights which saw 13 terrorists killed, 3 soldiers and 4 civilians were killed also.

The three security operations were the biggest counter-insurgency offensive in a single day in recent years, according to officials. All three sites are within a 50-km radius and the fire exchanges that started late on Saturday night continued well into Sunday afternoon.

Two of the three encounter sites saw large-scale clashes between civilians and security forces. Hundreds of civilians tried to march towards the security operation sites in an attempt to help the terrorists escape,  and attacked the security forces, who in turn opened up with riot control weapons primarily pellet shotguns which disperse around 500 pellet from each cartridge fired. Whilst not as lethal as rifle rounds, they can cause serious injuries, especially if they hit the eye. resulting in 70 rioters receiving injuries. 

Expect the Islamic league to issue a protest