Thursday, March 1, 2018

UK: Afghan teen in France, takes Government to court, in attempt to let him in.

(London)  Political correctness really has a lot of to answer for. Currently a 16-year-old Afghan boy is challenging the government’s refusal to allow him to seek sanctuary in the UK which if he wins  will allow thousands of other so called child asylum seekers across Europe entry into the UK.

Apparently the Afghan, known as ZS, was living in the Calais refugee camp when the French authorities cleared it in October 2016 and he applied unsuccessfully to be brought to the UK under section 67 of the immigration act, known as the Dubs amendment.  The thing is all child migrants cleared from Calaiswere placed in care by the French authorities,   however these so called children weren’t having any of this and demanded they be allowed to enter the UK at the expense of the British Tax payer and their children. 

The problem is the do-gooders out, will allow this fake asylum seeker and his hundreds of thousands of friends  to enter the Uk in which to seek shelter from the EU, you know that wonderful socialist experiment across the water the wankers out there are demanding we remain a part of as it is deemed so fucking wonderful.  So wonderful no so called migrant wants to live there.

Before any ethical latte drinker plays the 'R' card at me, I am not white, my parents were immigrants to the Uk and they had to jump through hurdles in which to be granted British citizenship. Instead of going out and raping the locals, my brother and I joined the British army.