Friday, March 2, 2018

UK: 17 year old convert jailed for 11 years for failed Justin Bieber concert atatck

(Cardiff) 17-year-old Lloyd Gunton, who planned an ISIS-inspired vehicle attack on a Justin Bieber concert, has been jailed for 11years in court today.

Gunton, from South Wales, was brought up into a Christian family.  But he became obsessed with radical Islam after researching terrorism in his bedroom, and posted crude Instagram snaps in support of Islamic State.

Lloyd Gunton
He was arrested at his home last June, hours after searching online for security details of the concert 13 miles away in the city of Cardiff.  Police then found that Gunton, who had not converted to Islam had hidden a hammer and knife in his school bag and wrote a 'martyrdom letter' after being radicalised online.  His plan been to steal a car, drive it into a crowd of people and then attack them with the knife and hammer. The judge Mark Wall QC told Gunton:
'You were committed to carrying out the attack throughout a protracted period, a commitment best demonstrated by your martyrdom letter and open support for Isis on Instagram. You were dedicated to the cause for approximately one year: this was no passing phase. The author (of a pre-sentence report) recognises that at present you are a high risk of re-offending and that if you do, you pose a high risk of causing the public serious harm.'
On this, Gunon was sentenced to 11 years in jail.