Monday, March 5, 2018

Germany: Syrian takes to Social media after murdering his wife says: “This is how you'll end” if you “irritate” your husband’

(Mühlacker) 41 year old Syrian asylum seeker Abu Marwan wasn’t happy at how his wife had not only separated from him, but won custody of the children and so he had popped round in which to salvage his marriage (well sohe claims) in the town of Mühlacker, Germany.

Anyway whilst outside her home last Friday, he claimed she kicked him, so doing what any Islamic male should do if his honour has been besmirched, he pulled out a knife and stabbed his wife to death in front of their children. Then he went on to live social media and covered in blood sent a message to everybody in which to justify his actions by saying:
“this is how you'll end” if you “irritate” your husband’
He then did a runner with one of his sons, heading towards the local rail station thankfully police arrested him not long after. The three children have all been taken into care. Anybody else notice how a lot of these evil crimes take place on a friday?