Monday, September 4, 2017

UK:Khan jailed for buggering a child.

(Bradford) 57 year old Zamurrad Khan was a respected man in . A community councillor, a manager of the city’s Trident project, and a former manager of Frizinghall Community Centre. To his supporters he was/is a good man and can do no wrong.

However Mr Khab wasn’t as sugar coated as they presumed, he  also liked little boys  especially when he was younger . He would knock on peoples doors, pass himself as some sort of holy acolyte come to take their sons to the mosque, only to  rape them once out of sight.

Well ,one of his victims reported him to the Police and last week Khan  was found guilty indecency and buggery, with a child and he was jailed for 17 years ,(Meaning he will most likely die behind bars) Naturally as somebody from a Pakistani Muslim background, he can only be seen as a victim and as the sentence was awarded, his supporters caused a ruckus claiming that this was a stitch up. Earning one  man a night in the cells.

It appears that in Bradford, Pakistani rapists are leading the way in sexual equality, by affording  both genders  the right to be raped.