Monday, September 4, 2017

UK: Media tries to push the image that Black racist is a victim

(UK) The other day I mentioned how a black transgender man was sacked by L'Oreal after he posted on Social media that all white people are…Racist. Well as is the growing case in the Uk (If not the West) Munrow has gone on a hissy fit demanding that people boycott L'Oreal for sacking him and his case has been taken up by the liberal media (In this case the bBC) where he is being promoted as the victim.

And here he was bitching on Good morning Great Britain today:

So here we have a black man transitioning to become a woman complaining that his words were taken out of context when he wrote the following on facebook:

Taken out of context?...really? Why is it black people are allowed to be be openly racist and then play the victimcard when caught out. Can you imagine a white person in the west getting away with the above. No, neither can I.