Monday, September 4, 2017

Spain: Al Jazeera claims that discrimination against Muslims may have fueled Spanish terror attacks

(Madrid) The other week, a bunch of Moroccans decided that they were going to teach the Spanish kuffer a lesson and set upon a plan to set off numerous bombs in Barcelona. Thankfully, that idea was shelved when their bomb factory blew up, and knowing that the authorities would soon pounce on them, they went for Plan B which entailed a van attack (killed 15, injured 130) and a mass knife attack (like which transpired in London which saw 11 killed and another 38 injured). Unfortunately for the 5 attackers, the lone policeman they set as their first kill was a former special forces operative and he shot all 5 dead.

Well, like every terrorist incident in the West, people will ask why, and the so called experts will find some cause. However, they all seem to leave out the aim of radical Islam of taking back So Spain into the Islamic fold. In fact, Hamas teaches its school children that Al-Andalus is crying out to be reunited. At the moment, Muslims in Spain are complaining about the rise in hatred towards them, and that feeds the latest angle from Al Jazeera, which has come out with an article saying that 'Racism towards Muslims in Spain, may be why the August attacks took place.