Sunday, September 3, 2017

Somalia: Al-Shabaab terrorists attack military base: 11 dead.

(Mogadishu) Al Shahab terrorists  drove a truck loaded with explosives to the main entrance of an army base in Bala Gudud, about 40 miles (70 kilometres) from the port town of Kismayo , saw the driver utter ‘Allah ackba’ and then they stormed the base.

They departed after taking weapons, ammunition and several vehicles. So all in all it was simply a shopping trip for them.  Abdulahi Mohamed, a senior security official related to the press:
"There was an attack on the military base in Bala Gudud this morning... the initial information indicates that more than 10 soldiers were killed. There was a car bomb blast and gunfire followed. The forces retreated from the base initially but they later regained control,"