Friday, September 1, 2017

Philippines: 100 days later the battle for Marawi continues.

(Marawi)  On the 23rd May Islamic terrorists took control of the City of Marawi and 101 days later, the battle continues. Granted the Philippines Government has wrested  control  of the vast majority of the city away from the terrorists but they are still in control of parts of the city and on Wednesday the Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte  ordered the military to take a call on bombing the mosques where Islamists have held hostages.
"The option is already yours, because we cannot have stalemate for over one year,"

The battle for the city is the worse seen in the Philippines since WW2 , causalities  as of yesterday are:

  • 620 terrorists  killed.
  • 9 terrorists captured.
  • 142 government forces killed.
  • 60 government forces missing. (Local Policemen)
  • 1,050+ government forces wounded.
  • 68 civilians dead.(23 due to illness)