Tuesday, December 1, 2015

VIDEO: ISIS Fighter Tries To Fire An RPG Through A Small Hole In The Wall, It Does Not End Well

(Downtrend) It’s tough for terrorist organizations to find good help these days.

Case in point: one ISIS jihadi tried to fire an RPG through a hole in a nearby wall. He learned the hard way that such an action is not advised.

The whole thing was caught on video for your viewing pleasure.

The jihadi was indoors. He picked up the RPG and pointed it at a hole the wall with the intention of firing the grenade through that small opening.

Apparently, he overestimated the size of the hole.

Either that, or his aim really sucks.

After firing the RPG, the payload apparently didn’t make it through the hole. Instead. a sound that Marvin the Martian would describe as an “Earth-shattering kaboom” could be heard as smoke filled the room.

Oh, by the way: don’t try this at home.

It’s not clear from the video if the jihadi lived through the episode or if he’s now in the process of working his way through his 72 virgins.

Our guess is that he died but that part was cut from the video because it wouldn’t be allowed on YouTube if it showed the guy getting blown to pieces.

Check out the video above.