Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Russia using white phosphorous on ISIS and civilians. Does anyone really care?

(Daily Mail) Numerous reports claim that Russia has dropped deadly white phosphorus on civilians in northwest Syria, as its intensive bombing campaign against ISIS continues.

The chemical weapon is banned under the Geneva Convention, because it is highly toxic and can burn through flesh and bone.

White phosphorus, an incendiary also known as WP, is used by armies to illuminate targets during the night or as a smokescreen during the day.

Shocking images posted to Twitter show the sky allegedly filled with the potentially deadly weapon, as it rains down on the de-facto capital of ISIS, Raqqa.

But while Raqqa may be an ISIS stronghold, activists on the ground claim that civilians were caught up in airstrike, which was described as a ‘war crime’.

Human rights organisations have claimed that Russian airstrikes have killed more civilians than ISIS fighters.