Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Islamic invasion of Europe update (December 1, 2015)

Belgium calls for 'European CIA' after Paris attacks
Paris (AFP) - Belgium called for the creation of a European intelligence agency Monday to counter the threat of jihadist violence in the wake of the Paris attacks.

Prime Minister Charles Michel told French radio RTL that "we must quickly put in place a European intelligence agency, a European CIA" to collate information on suspected radicals and "unmask those with hostile intentions".

His call comes after the Paris attacks earlier this month -- carried out by an extremist cell partly operating out of Belgium -- exposed failings in information sharing between several European intelligence agencies.

Support for Swedish anti-immigration party surges
STOCKHOLM (Reuters) - Support for the anti-immigration Sweden Democrats has surged to nearly 20 percent over the past six months, a poll showed on Tuesday, as the country turns to tents and ski resorts to house record numbers of asylum seekers.

Europe's immigration crisis has upended Swedish politics.

Just over a year ago the former center-right prime minister exhorted Swedes to "open your hearts" to asylum seekers. The center-left government that was then elected has partially closed the borders, ending decades of consensus over generous asylum policies and breaking ranks with much of Europe.

The Sweden Democrats, which held a jubilant congress at the weekend, doubled their support in the 2014 national vote and hold the balance of power in parliament as the third largest party - although cooperation between the other parties has so far kept them out in the cold. The next election is due in 2018.

"Friends of Sweden, we're winning", party leader Jimmie Akesson told party members.