Saturday, January 25, 2014

US Army tests computer-controlled rifle

(US) Now, I'd like to think I am something of a good shot, but then I have been firing since 1980, taken part in numerous shooting competitions, and I am happy to say I am proficient with a rifle, LMG and pistol. Of course this didn't just happen overnight, and during my time in making myself good, I have let off thousands of rounds. It seems that the Big Bang Theory crowd have taken note of the time it takes to train somebody up and have invented a sight which quite literally guarantees you hitting the target first time. (Damn, if only they invented this before I spent many a day on a cold wet winter day trying to pass my annual weapons test.)

Well, it seems that the US Army have purchased 6 of these sights in which to evaluate them and see if it saves time. Mind you, I do have to ask the question, what happens when your battery runs out?