Sunday, February 3, 2013

Iran Shows Off So Called Stealth Fighter Jet

(Tehran) Iran has developed something of a name for itself when it comes to unveiling the latest in military hardware. Be it radar evading missiles, sonar evading submarines or even missiles which can wipe out Israel, when it comes to cutting edge technology, Iran it seems is at the very front. And so it is with the stealth aircraft and Iran's favourite propaganda outfit. The bBC has aired an article about the latest Iranian super weapon. The F-313, or Qaher, as it has been named by the mad mullahs in Iran, is a single seat stealth fighter. Invisible to radar and, according to Iran, on a par with the F-22. And here are some pictures. Have a close look at the cockpit picture.

And here is what a real cockpit looks like from a Mig-21 no less.

Now think back to the doors in a car. Do they have a rubber seal which keeps the elements out? The Mig-21 does, as does every aircraft going. Yet the latest stealth aircraft from Iran doesn't. Strange or what? I won't mention the very, very small air intakes. But hey, if the defence experts at bBC tell me it's as good as the F-22, who am I to disagree with them?