Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Muslim Prisoner Strangles Wife with Burka During Conjugal Visit

(FPM) Muslim men kill Muslim women at frightening rates. They kill their wives, their sisters and their daughters for the sake of their own honor. And they don’t stop doing it even when they’re already in prison.
Din Mohammad was sentenced to 20 years in prison two years ago for killing his mother-in-law, and his wife’s brother and sister in the northern province of Samangan.
That’s two women, but Mohammad, like the original Mohammed who founded Islam, wasn’t going to be satisfied with killing just two women. He was determined to kill a third.
Mohammad’s wife, whose name has not been disclosed, visited him in jail in the provincial capital Aybak on Monday and was found dead in a small private room used for inmates to see their wives, police said.

“Mohammad was told by his mother that his wife had affairs,” he said. “When she came to visit him in jail he strangled her with her veil and killed her.”
The Burka is just one of those Muslim feminist things, we’re told. And not only did Mohammad confine his wife to a Burka, but he killed her with it.

In Jordan, 90 percent of women said that it was acceptable for their husbands to him them. In Mali, currently partly controlled by Al Qaeda, it was 81 percent. In Somalia it was 76 percent. In Uzbekistan it was 70 percent. That is life in the Muslim world.

Average life expectancy for a woman in Afghanistan is 45. Suicide rates among Afghan women have increased 20 times over. An overwhelming majority of Afghan women, 87.2%, experienced physical or sexual violence or forced marriage. In Kandahar, the numbers climb to 92 percent.

This is the life of a woman under true Islam.