Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Lebanese Army mobilized over Israeli peppers

(Sidon) A family man, shopping for food in the peaceful Lebanese city of Sidon, had the shock of his life when he noticed that a bag of peppers contained one from... shock... horror... Israel. In fact, so concerned was he that he informed the local authorities about this blatant invasion of Lebanon by Israeli vegetables. The local authorities took no chances on receipt of this news and mobilized the Lebanese Army. They in turn sent in their crack intelligence division, who after securing the perimeter around the shop sent in a well armed response team and took into custody 13 plastic bags containing 3 peppers each - 2 from Spain, 1 from Israel.

An investigation has now been instigated into seeing how these terrifying vegetables made it past Lebanese customs without getting noticed. (Nobody mention the thousands of rockets smuggled in by Hezbollah.)

So let me get this straight. In Lebanon, after finding a bag which contained a label which included the word 'Israel', the army was called in. Unbelievable just doesn't explain this.