Wednesday, January 2, 2013

How Muslims erode the society they emigrate to

(England) If you relocated to an Islamic country and asked for special dis-compensation regarding your non-Islamic faith status, do you think they would bend over backwards in which to accommodate your request?

Yeah, right, yer having a giraffe.

So why do Muslims who relocate to the West feel that the world owes them a living and that we should bend over backwards in which to accommodate their backward way of life? But the thing is, in the West so scared are the authorities of being castigated as being racist and intolerant that every whim requested by the followers of the religion of peace is given the green light. Be it a another mosque, time off for Ramadan or even allowing them to oppress females, they know that if they play the race card, they will win hands down, and with every little retreat of Western standards, the Muslims move forward in their march towards total dominance.

Currently in the UK, Islamic parents who took their 9-year-old daughter out of a private school and relocated her into a Greek Orthodox school in London are taking the school to court because it refuses to allow their daughter to wear the Islamic hijab. The school, which was set up for Greek children in London, allows 1 child a year to be accepted from a non-Greek background. But instead of assimilating into the way and life of the West, the child's parents insist on remaining in the Dark Ages which, let's be honest, is currently the sole preserve of each and every Islamic country in the world and which is the reason why so many Muslims leave their homelands in search of a better future for themselves and their family.

What is it with Islamic immigrants who seek sanctuary in non-Islamic lands (in which to escape the bigotry and poverty in their homelands) who then go well out of their way in which to try and recreate the conditions they sought shelter from in the first place?