Monday, January 7, 2013

Dancing and candies in Iran: "Obama to name anti-Israeli Hagel as Defense Secretary"

(PressTV) All signs indicate that US President Barack Obama is poised to nominate anti-Israel ex-Senator Chuck Hagel as the next defense secretary soon, informed sources say.

Sources at Capitol Hill and in the National Security Community said Obama will make the announcement early next week.
Although the White House insists that no final decision has been made on Hagel, a source close to the situation said the White House has informed Hagel's camp that he is Obama's top choice for the post and the likely nomination will be announced on Monday or Tuesday.
In recent days, Hagel's top advisers have received “messages of reassurance” amid the critics’ campaign to derail his nomination, the source said.

Hagel’s nomination is expected to spark a row in the Senate. Many pro-Israeli groups and neo-conservatives have spouted diatribe against Hagel over his criticism of Washington’s anti-Iran policies and Israel’s sway over the US political arena.