Friday, June 22, 2018

Interlude: Nick Heyward - Take That Situation

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Argentina offended over Falkland island tweet

The other-day Argentina played tiny Iceland at football at the World Cup and came away with a 1-1 draw. In response the Falklands tweeted the following and it didn't go down well across the water in Argentina.

Gee i wonder why?

Sweden: 3 people shot dead in Internet cafe.

(Malmo)  The other year everybody mocked President Trump when he pointed out the rise in crime in Sweden and since then the rate of shootings, grenade attacks (yes grenades) and even attacks on the Police have risen resulting in more than 320 acts of violence with a firearm being registered and over 40 people killed.

Well over the weekend in the not so peaceful city of Malmo the violence that has beset Sweden  continued when a turf war between immigrant gangs resulted in a gun attack on an internet cafe where 3 youths were killed with another 3 injured after somebody sprayed them with machine gun fire. The police have stated that the victims were all criminals and known to the them. Welcome to multicultural Europe

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Germany: Gang of Arabs attack wrong man, call victim 'brother' when mistake revealed.

(Berlin) Early last Sunday morning around 25 Arabs surrounded a man sitting  on a bench in the Neuk├Âlln area of the city and after taunting him decided to beat him to a pulp. However a few minutes into the beating someone from the group shouted,

"Stop, this is the wrong one!"
Whereupon the attackers picked up their victim and apologized. They hugged him, cleaned his clothes , hugged  the victim  and referred  to the victim as their "brother" and then went their way.

However it appears that the real brothers of the 22 year old victim took umbrage at how one of their own had received a kicking by a bunch of thugs  So 20 of them (Its a big family) armed with weapons marched on a hair salon where the leader of those Arabs was meant to be and proceeded take their anger on the building. However they all did a runner when the police arrived. But get this, the ring leader of this last group was arrested as he drove past the scene in his car (which turned out to have no insurance) Police are saying that the rival gangs are from the Syrian and Lebanese communities.

Germany: Knifeman arrested at Munich train-station.

(Munchen) Yesterday morning German police were informed of somebody walking around the main train station in Munich openly carrying a knife. Unlike the Uk, where the Police wouldn't have bothered their arse and continued painting their fingernails in which to support the LGBT crowd. The German police sent a large number of officers to apprehend the person in question.

After been told to drop the weapon numerous times in German and English, the man refused to do so, he was then sprayed twice with pepper spray which failed. At this a brave policeman sneaked up behind him and brought him down.

At which point the stand off was resolved.

It transpired that the knife-man in question is a 32 year old Sri Lankan who claimed asylum in Poland. However he isn't happy with living there and so was making his way to France so as to claim asylum in Canada. Which doesn't explain why he was walking around Munchen train station with a knife.

Turkey has a rail gun?

(Ankara)  So I'm perusing the net regards military matters (I'm a bit of a spotter) with the Portugal Morocco World Cup Match on in the background and I come across this story of Turkey testing not one but 2 rail guns, not only that but they have built one which is smaller than both the so called leaders in the field the US and China. The following video explains what a rail gun is

And here is one of those Turkish railguns:

It appears that the race to field the latest in projectile weaponry is well and truly open to everyone.