Sunday, November 17, 2019

Germany: tells public they have nothing to fear from returning ISIS terrorists

(Berlin)  With the Turkish government repatriating ISIS terrorists who having failed in their attempt to carve a new caliphate of the Middle East found themselves not only homeless but also stateless. The receiving countries face the task of:

 "What do we do with these blood thirsty jihadists"
Whilst the public have expressed they are happy to refuse access to people who simply want to murder death for their religious beliefs , Governments across Europe have signed up to the the UNs human rights laws and so have to treat these terrorists with kids gloves. which is why the first ISIS family landing back on soil  haven't been charged and have simply been allowed to go their own way with the German government issuing a statement to the German people that they have nothing to fear from these presumably peaceful people:

Armin Schuster Germanys  interior policy spokesman insisted that the returnees were not "serious cases," and warned against media-fuelled hysteria.
"They did not take part in the fighting," he told the Deutschlandfunk radio station. "They won't be sent to prison but they have to be kept under surveillance."
Well there you have it, nothing to worry about , until one of them decides to shout out his.her love for Ali's snackbar in public.

Friday, November 15, 2019

Interlude: Danny & The Juniors :At The Hop

Sunday, November 10, 2019

Syria: These are the so called innocent victims the do-gooders say should be given a second chance

(Syria) Since the fall of ISIS, the liberals, do-gooders and plain stupid demand the West should take in the ISIS camp followers as it is the right thing to do. The moral thing to do and of course the only thing to do. well Sky TV popped in for a chat with the inhabitants of the main camp holding these people and they told him on camera exactly how they feel about the kuffer:

Remembrance Day: Lest We Forget

Tomorrow is Nov 11: Remembrance day where we pay homage to those before us who gave their best . Never forget their sacrifice