Friday, March 16, 2018

Interlude: Martha and the Vandellas - Nowhere To Run

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Germany: Failed Afghan asylum seeker murders girlfriend for refusing to cover up.

(Flensberg)  Police yesterday arrested failed 18 year old Afghan asylum seeker Ahmed G for the murder of his 17 year old girlfriend. Ahmed who arrived in the county in 2015, was placed in accommodation where he met Mirielle B and they quickly became an item.

Initially she started wearing the hijab and such in which to please Ahmed, however of late, she had taken that oppressive Islamic garment off and that in turn led to many arguments over how he felt that he should have total control over everything she did (Like all Islamic males demand over women)  It appears that the straw that broke the camels back was how she refused to convert to Islam and thus having lost his honour Ahmed made his girlfriend pay, which he did on monday by stabbing her to death.

And liberals keep on telling me that Islam is a religion of peace, that there is no compulsion for people to join and that Islam respects women. Apparently not in Germany it seems. 

Cats rule, dogs drool.

I grew up in a house with 3 dogs, 2 cats and a Horse.(The horse had its own stables) and my ginger cat acted exactly like this around the others.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

UK: Expels 23 Russian Diplomats, Socialist opposition shows support for...Russia

(London) The British Government has taken action against Russia over the nerve agent poisoning of a former Russian spy living in the UK by expelling 23 Russian diplomats from the Uk, who have been identified as "undeclared intelligence officers".

Whilst nearly all the House supported the Prime minster in taking his action , the leader of the opposition , drew the wrath of nearly everybody by supporting the Russians, not only that, but today whilst answering questions in parliament one of his socialist mates Christopher Williamson decided to display a copy of 'Morning Star' (A communist paper) for all the world to see in which to express his support for Russia and not the UK.

Sweden: TV reports paints gang of 4 migrant rapists as..victims.

(Stockholm) Swedish police on Tuesday arrested four boys between the ages of 15 and 16 for a rape committed in the city of Malmö on the 3rd February. That rape was one of many which has beset the city this past month and no doubt the police must be happy at apprehending one of the gangs concerned. However the TV report on this arrest by SVT the Swedish national public TV broadcaster has angered the country, why? Because they painted the rapists as...victims. In the two-minute report. People from the social services and the police are interviewed as stressing that children who commit such crimes are always victims. Göran Eklund, from SVT issued a reply to the growing criticism:

"With this report, we wanted to draw attention to the fact that the suspected offenders are very young. We interviewed the police and the social services who work with this and they shared their thoughts. Our intention has never been to belittle the reported gang rape…. In retrospect, I can see that the report would have been improved if the affected woman's perspective had been included. We will complement our report with that perspective,"
What is it with liberals, who whilst bemoaning President Trump for words he said years ago, remain silent on actual rapes carried out a few weeks ago.

Pakistan: Suicide attack, kills 9

(Lahore) At least nine people including five policemen were killed and 35 others injured in a suicide in Pakistan.

The bomb blast which has been claimed by the Taliban ripped through a police checkpoint on the outskirts of the Pakistani city of Lahore on Wednesday, killing nine people and wounding 35. Speaking to the media Deputy Inspector General of police Haider Ashraf stated that the attack was timed to coincide with the changing of the guard at a check point  set up for the security of the annual congregation of Tableeghi Jamaat in Raiwind.

Israel: Orders New Armoured vehicle.

(Jerusalem)   The Israeli government on Sunday revealed that they have ordered hundreds of Eitan wheeled IFVs to replace the ancient but ubiquitous M113 APC which first saw service in 1960. The Eitan is an 8 wheeled armoured fighting vehicle (AFV) developed to replace the ageing M113 armoured personnel carrier utilised by the Israel Defence Forces as its main battlefield taxis.

Where the M113 has become a death trap for soldiers on the forward edge battle area , the Eitan was developed following of the lessons learned during the Gaza war Operation Protective Edge in 2014 and has been designed to offer far more protection to  troops from mines and RPGs and is set to be further uparmoured by being fitted with the trophy APS . The vehicle has a top speed of 90 km/h and can carry 12 men including 3 crew. According the Israeli Ministry of Defence, the Eitan is one of the world's most advanced and protected wheeled combat vehicle.