Wednesday, November 22, 2017

India: Army foils terrorist attempt to sneak into country:

(Kashmir) Due to Pakistan's inability to allow Non-Muslims  live in peace, they continue to foment trouble and strife for the Hindus next door in India. Which is why today the India army stopped a bunch of Pakistani terrorists sneaking into the country. In the insuring gun fight that followed 3 Pakistani terrorists and 1 Indian soldier were killed.

No doubt the Pakistani will soon be complaining to the UN over how their terrorists are getting shot.

Egypt: 5 Islamic terrorists taken out by MIlitary

(Cairo)  The tit for tat bunfight between the supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood (Who still cant accept the people wanted them gone) and the Government continued when the Egyptian Army operating in the Northern Sinai came across a couple of terrorist groups (who just happened to be hanging around) and took out 5 of them and arrested another 3. No doubt in their bid to regain their honour they end up murdering a large number of innocent people.

UK: Two Racist bigots jailed in the UK

Two men have been jailed in the Uk over how they set out to murder and terrorise 'Muslims' after the London terrorists attacks earlier this year:

(Glasgow) In Scotland  James Palmer was jailed for 36 months after planting a fake bomb outside a mosque  On the evening of June 4, he left a blue plastic bag containing two gas canisters, taped together with wire and wood, on the steps of Paisley Central Mosque while people inside were praying. Palmer, 31, also threatened to bomb Muslims, including a hand-written message which read “Youse are next, defo” inside the bag containing the fake bomb.

(London) Mickey Sage was jailed for 27 months after he walked the streets of London armed with a knife looking for people to stab.  He was arrested after pulling a knife on two people and asking them if they were Muslim. In interview he said he was looking for Muslims to stab, saying he would be "a martyr for England and stab an imam in the neck".

What I can't understand is how a drunken idiot who left a fake bomb outside a mosque can receive a longer prison sentence than somebody walking the streets with a knife looking for Muslims to kill.

Somalia: US Air strike on Al Shabab terrorist camp kills over 100 terrorists

(Mogadishu)  The fight against Islam terrorism in Somalia, which has been ongoing for years and which the African Union (AU) has made very slow progress after 10 years of operations there, has these past few weeks received a huge shot in the arm with President Trump signing off the US Military to take out as many of these gun totting thugs as possible thus allowing the AU to take advantage of the situation. This month alone the US has killed over 50 terrorists from the air (15th/9th/3rd).

Well that figure of death from above was increased last night when a US attack drone knocked on the door of a terrorist camp in the village of Bur-Eylada, situated between the towns of Dinsor and Buur Hakaba in the Bay region of the country.

So far, US AFRICOM is reporting that over 100 terrorists were taken out in that airstrike. If the AU can capitalise on this early Christmas present from President Trump, then the future could look bright for the peoples of Somalia who have suffered for years at the hands of these religious bigots. Just goes to show that the after years of liberal thinking of worrying about the human rights of terrorists, that actually the only thing they understand is someone with a bigger stick.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

UK: BBC goes out of its way to whitewash Islamic terrorism

The BBC used to be known as a paragon of honest and unbiased news reporting. Unfortunately that went out of the window when they started referring to Terrorists as Militants or even misguided criminals . Yesterday they reported on how Sayfullo Saipov, who has been indicted on terrorism charges regards the Oct. 31 terror attack, which killed 8 people was an innocent man:

On this side of the water, the bBC coverage of a 17 year old arrested hours before he planned to carry out a lone wolf terror attack at Justin Bieber concert has them leading with an headline that he actually hated IS.

This is what the bBC pushes out on a daily basis , its as if its mission statement is to present Muslims in only a positive light or as victims. Which kind of explains this story:

With the bBC mandate in which to only promote positive Muslim stories, the otherside side of the coin to them is to only air negative Jewish ones. (If anybody can find a positive Jewish story at the bBC do be so kind as to email it in)

Iraq: Car bomb kills 23, injures another 60.

(Tuz Khurmatu) A car bomb was detonated at around noon near a crowded market in the Northern Iraqi town of Tuz Khurmatu, killing 23 people and injuring another 60 people. 

The town is situated just south of Mosul and is predominantly populated by Turkmen lending to the view that ISIS specifically targeted the town in which to accelerate the discord between the Turks Iraqis and the Kurds in which to sow as much confusion and destruction as possible. Tuz Khurmatu was one of the areas disputed by Iraq and Kurdistan Region. Iraqi forces recaptured the area mid October as part of a government push to impose control over disputed territories in response to Kurdistan’s independence referendum held in September.

Nigeria: Suicide attack on Mosque kills 50

{Mubi)  A suicide bomb attack on a Mosque on the Nigerian/Cameroon border has resulted in the deaths of 50 people.  

It appears the the attacker managed to enter the mosque along with other worshippers for the morning prayers before detonating his device . Adamawa state police spokesman Othman Abubakar on speaking to the media related:
"So far we have at least 50 dead from an attack at a mosque in Mubi,"
The attack bore all the hallmarks of Boko Haram, the Islamist militants whose insurgency has left at least 20,000 people dead and more than 2.6 million others homeless since 2009. For some strange reason their plans to install Sharia law across Nigeria involves blowing up mosques in the Northern part of the country which is not only Islamic but already lives under Sharia law.  

Germany:ISIS plan to attack Christmas Market broken up, 6 Syrians under arrest.

(Berlin) Acting on information provided by asylum seekers, 500 German Police  carried out raids in the towns of Kassel, Hannover, Essen and Leipzig arresting 6 men on charges of ISIS membership and preparing to carry out a mass terrorist attack on a Christmas market .The six suspects were identified as Syrian citizens aged between 20 and 28 who arrived in Germany as asylum-seekers between December 2014 and September 2015.

Monday, November 20, 2017

Sweden: The rest of the news from Monday.

Here is the rest of the news for Monday the 21st of Nov 2017 from Sweden:

(Billesholm) Four people have been admitted to hospital after been attacked in Billesholm. Between eight and ten people were involved in the incident, but only the four injured were left when the police came to the scene on Monday night.
(Arlanda Airport) The suspect in the fatal shooting of a  man  at lunchtime Monday was arrested as he tried to board a plane out of the country at the main Swedish airport today.

(Bromma) Four men involved in the above shooting were arrested by Swedish police.

(Tunis) The most wanted man in Sweden was arrested today in Tunisa. The 44 year old man is wanted for the cold blooded murder of a witness the day before he was due to attend court.

(Stockholm)  A man has been arrested on charges of witness intimidation after a bomb was detonated outside his front door on Sunday evening.

Sweden: The Beirut of Europe experiences yet another bomb attack.

(Malmo)  All the ethical latte drinkers laughed when President Trump pointed at Sweden regards the issues of gun and bomb violence which is plaguing the country. Funny enough after almost a year of shootings, stabbings , rapes and bomb attacks those liberals have kept pretty quiet about all that is wrong with Sweden.

Well tonight another bomb was detonated inside a housing complex in the city of Malmo .
The bomb was detonated at around 23.30hrs local time in the stairwell of a block of flats which caused extensive damage to the building. Swedish Police, bomb disposal staff and the ambulance service are currently attending the scene. Thankfully no one has been reported injured, but one woman sis been treated for shock.

Funny enough Mollevangstorget square is where the local immigrant population likes to aim fireworks at the local police:

US: Years ago 19 year olds were dying for their country, now they complain when a woman grabs their ass.

(US) Andrew Fitzgibbon an Irish man was 16 when he won the Victoria Cross, Willie Johnston was 11 when he earned the Medal of Honour. Valentin Kotyk was 14 when he was posthumously awarded the Hero of Soviet Union. The list of children who have laid down their lives in the face of danger is endless and yet today we have a generation of snowflakes who shed tears at the slightest provocation. Once such example is 19 year old singer and song writer ‘Khalid’ who has gone public on how horrified he was at a concert when a female fan grabbed his ass.

Afghanistan: Eight drug labs targeted in first NATO-backed raids:

(Kabul)  Despite what the ethical latte drinkers claim, since before 2001 the Taliban have used drugs to fund their Islamic holy war. However what is strange that successive US administrations have deemed that drugs production off limits. Which is why Afghanistan is the world's top cultivator of the poppy, from which opium and heroin are produced.

However under President Trump, the US in conjunction with the Afghan Government have said enough is enough and last night targeted 8 Taliban drug labs using airstrikes. (Including using the F22 stealth fighter)
I suppose the media will soon be reporting on schools , hospitals and mosques that have been destroyed in which to express their hatred of the US under Trump

Germany: Talks to form German government collapse

(Berlin)  Talks on forming a coalition government in German have taken a huge setback when the when the liberal Free Democratic Party (FDP) walked out of talks. This inability to hash out an agreement has set the country on the path to new elections. Something that Mrs Merkel doesn't need and which may result in her removal from power.