Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Turkey: The slide towards dictator for life continues

(Ankara) Last month the Turkish Government approved a bill which will allow Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan to run for two further terms in office, potentially allowing him to rule Turkey until 2029.  Currently the law only allows the Turkish President to only serve one five year term. He is being backed by the ruling Justice and Development party (AKP) and its nationalist allies in parliament. However the final say goes down to the people who will vote next month on the 16thApril 2017.

Since the constitutional referendum was set in motion, Erdoğan and his lackeys have set about galvanising the masses in which to get them all voting for a dictator for life. Which is why his minions have been sent across the world in which to garner the expat vote. Problems arose in Holland when the government there said no to Turkish political rallies days before the Dutch went to the ballot box last week. As we saw that didn't go down well with the Turks and so they have been publicly painting Europe as a cesspit full of Nazis and that they would set in motion Turkish protection squads to protect the faithful in Non-Islamic Europe.

It appears that identity politics is a winner inside Turkey, which explains why Erdogan said today:

"Turkey is not a country you can pull and push around, not a country whose citizens you can drag on the ground, If Europe continues this way, no European in any part of the world can walk safely on the streets. Europe will be damaged by this. We, as Turkey, call on Europe to respect human rights and democracy," 

Well it appears that Mrs Merkel isn't listening to what the Turkish pocket dictator has to say by rejecting an unusually high number of requests for arms exports to Turkey in recent months. The irony here is, the Germans are citing Human rights abuses in Turkey as the reason why

The things that pocket dictators will say and do, in which to ensure they get elected for life. Including it appears slagging off your oldest ally

London Terrorist Attack: This picture says so much, which the media won't

England: Car driven into people outside Parliament, 4 killed, 40 injured.Attacker shot dead by police

(London) A car has been used as a weapon outside Parliament in central London on Westminster Bridge where a vehicle was driven into the cycle lane injuring at least 40 people before the vehicle was driven into the wall outside Parliament and whereupon a policeman was stabbed  before the attacker was shot and fatally wounded by police.

Pictures of the attacker emerge:

Iran: Mullahs show off their world beating 'New' Tank.

(Tehran) On Sunday 12th  March, the Iranian Ministry of Defence (MoD) announced that their latest Main Battle Tank (MBT) -the Karrar -had entered full-scale production. In a statement, the Iran’s Minister of Defence Brig. Gen. Hossein Dehqan said:
“The tank can compete with the most advanced tanks in the world  It is “equipped with electro-optical fire control system, laser rangefinder, ballistic computer and enjoys the capability to fire at stable and mobile targets in day and night.”
The Iranian defence minister announced the Karrar MBT in February, stating that the Iranian Army would procure the domestically-built Karrar in lieu of importing the Russian T-90.

Domestically-built aka home grown? Here is how one such Defence expert feels about that home grown tag:

and here are those pictures in greater detail:

Here is a little more info on the T90MS and on the so called latest world beating Iranian Karrar tank.

Monday, March 20, 2017

News from the Golan Heights: 20/03/17

Israel decided to take out a Syrian missile shipment to Hezb-allah last Thursday. Syria did launch a number of anti-aircraft missiles at the elusive IDF jets, but they all failed to hit a target.
The launching of missiles against Israeli aircraft carrying out strike operations against arms deliveries (which are intended to be used against Israel) to Hezb-allah   saw Israeli Defence Minister Avigdor Liberman issue a warning to Syria that the next time, they are used, the IDF will destroy said missile sites.

A possible continuation of the above bunfight saw the IDF take out Yasser Hussein al-Sayyid (A known Hezb-allah affiliate) in a targeted airstrike as he drove from Damascus towards the Golan heights.
Yasser Hussein al-Sayyid
And all that was left of his car
The recent ramping up of tensions around the Golan heights area by the likes of Iran, Hezb-allah, and Syria with an aim to take the region by force from Israel has seen Jerusalem ensure the message is sent that they will stamp down hard on those who claim to belong to the so called religion of peace.

Somalia: 7 Al-Shabab terrorists killed

(Mogadishu)  Eight Al-Shabaab terrorists were killed during a gun battle with Somali troops on Saturday night near Bay region in south west Somalia.  

Local officials revealed that a couple of soldiers from Somalia’s National Army  were also killed during the  overnight gun battle with the Al-Qaida-linked terrorists. Hassan Hussein Mohamed, minister in charge of rehabilitating militias in South West State, confirmed the death of the Eight Al-Shabaab Terrorists.
“They were killed during an operation that lasted several hours near Qansah-dhere town, while six officers from the Somalia National Army were also injured.”
Abdulle Ibrahim, a senior military officer in Qasahdhere told the local media that the fighting began after Somali government forces launched a security operation in the Qasahdhere area,
“Our forces conducted security operation in the area where al-shabaab militants  was, at least 8 people both from  al-shabaab and two Somali army members  has been  killed during the fighting  , the wounded people were rushed to Baidoa city hospitals for treatment”

Syria Situation Report: March 9 - 17, 2017

(ISW) The nice people at the Institute for the Study of War have brought out a map which shows the situation inside Syria as of Friday the 17th, March 2017:

Friday, March 17, 2017

Interlude: The Primitives - Crash