Tuesday, September 25, 2018

EU: European parliament states that members’ €4,416-a-month expenses must remain secret in which to protect their privacy

(Strasbourg)  You may have noticed that currently there is a huge bunfight across Europe regards the UK leaving the European Union. The British voted leave due to the belief that the EU is undemocratic, that it wastes money and that it has no clear direction in anything it does. The pro European crowd state otherwise and are currently demanding that the largest attended vote in British history which they lost should be retaken as they claim people didn't know what they were voting for, plus the fact that the racist old people who voted to leave are dying off and so the will of the voting public has changed. Which is strange as poll after poll still shows the British want to leave.

The EU haven't helped by dragging things out in which to ensure that other countries don't follow the UK and also in allowing the remain in Europe crowd to capitalise on their stall tactics in which to have another vote in which to keep the UK inside the European union. So the question has to be asked exactly why do the political elites inside Europe want the UK to remain. You see the EU is a club and everybody chips in, to fund the dream of a better Europe. The problem is the Western European countries chip in much more than the poorer Eastern and Southern ones, whilst that is ok when you have equal numbers, the EU like a ponzi scheme keeps on growing and accepting poorer nations. That growth of the EU is displayed below:

From 1981 onwards the vast number of new member's have been recipients and not contributors of the EU kitty. Currently there are a number of applicants waiting to join, Albania, Bosnia, Serbia Macedonia and possibly Turkey which has been trying to join for a few years now. All these countries will require huge amounts of investment, money which will have to come from the richer Western countries. and that is where one of the problem lies. Financial accountability. Before Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary and Greece joined they were meant to sort out their act, get rid of corruption and basically balance their books, they were given a set time to do so and they didn't. This has resulted in the likes of Romania and Bulgaria being allowed to join the EU whilst failing to meet the criteria set for them. We saw what happened with Greece when they were allowed to join without meeting those same standards, which allowed them to bankrupt the country by allowing their citizens to retire on full pensions from the age of 45 onwards and yet in order to fund this pozi scheme the EU has to continue to milk its richer members dry.

Any attempt of financial accountability at the EU is shunned, which kind of explains why their accounts have never really been balanced. Oh the mandarins in their ivory towers say they have in which to silence their detractors but the fact remains they still haven't managed to balance their books

Which brings me to the latest example of how the EU goes well out of its way in which to refuse to allow the people who fund it, see how they are spending their money. The EU parliament is made up of second rate politicians who having failed to make the grade in their own countries settle for second best at Strasbourg. They are paid a starting wage of €8,611.31 (£7,705) a month in gross salary, plus pension. On leaving they receive a transition allowance worth up to €206,664, depending on their length of service. Those payments are there for all to see. However it has come out in the wash that MEPs have been supplementing their wages with a €4,416 monthly “general expenditure allowance” awarded to MEPs to fund their constituency offices, which costs the public purse €40m a year. MEPs are also refunded first-class travel expenses and get a €313 daily allowance for hotel and living costs when working in Brussels and Strasbourg. Most MEPs claim the maximum office allowance, with only a handful reimbursing the parliament for unspent funds. There is no requirement to provide invoices, receipts or any details on how the funds are spent. Since 2009 MEPs have been obliged to provide receipts for travel expenses, but the €313 tax-free “subsistence” allowance is paid in full, without questions or documents.

A group of journalists who investigate MEPs expense accounts found 249 “ghost offices”, where MEPs had no office, or who refused to divulge the address. In fact out of 748 MEPs only 133 have revealed what they pay in office fees.This led for a call for tighter rules to be put in place in which to stop any abuse of the system. In July the MEPs themselves voted to reject this request. the journalists appealed and took them to court. Today the EU court rejected those calls for greater transparency regards MEPs’ expenses, as it upheld a decision that politicians are not required to reveal how they spend public money intended for their offices citing that an obligation to publish spending records would undermine MEPs’ privacy.

In otherwords the ponzi scheme continues to milk the plebs dry.

France: Refuses to accept Migrants whilst berating Italy for doing the same thing

(Paris) The Italian government earned the scorn of the rest of Europe when in June this year they banned the charity ship 'Aquarius' from dropping off migrants which it (and quite a few other charity ships) had been doing for years, which has resulted in acting as a huge pull factor for hundreds of thousands of economic migrants whom they pick up off the coast of Africa and then transport them hundreds of miles north to Europe for the Italian tax payer to sort out.

One of the loudest detractors was France with President Macron berating the Italian government for its "cynicism and irresponsibility" in refusing to allow this so called  rescue ship packed with migrants to dock in Italy.

Well a couple of months down the line and the very same ship has just been refused permission to dock in France  carrying just 58 Economic migrants . Apparently the reason being given for this refusal is that under the law, a ship which has picked up people at sea must drop them off at the nearest port. Funny enough that would rule out all of Europe in favour of the North African coast.

But get this even whilst closing its doors to these so called people in need, the French government continues to berate the Italians for doing likewise with French Minister Nathalie Loiseau when asked about the case of the Aquarius NGO-run migrant-rescue ship opining:
"That is why we say again to Italy that the idea of closing its ports to people in danger is against the law, it is against humanity".

Monday, September 24, 2018

Switzerland: 42 year Eritrean refugee jailed for anal raping his 12 year old niece.

(Solothurn-Lebern) In Switzerland 42 year old Eritrean refugee Haile H has been jailed for 7 years for abusing 2 children.

Haile arrived in the country in 2008 and claimed asylum. 4 years later he returned to Eritrea on holiday and returned with 2 small children his 12 year old son and his 9 year old niece whom he claimed was his daughter.

He mistreated them from the word go , beating them if they failed to clean the house etc. Then in 2015 he started sexually abusing his niece.  This he would do only once his 15 year old son had fallen asleep , whereupon he would force his 12 year old niece into his bedroom and get her to play with his penis  off, suck him off , finger her and then he would turn her around and anally rape her. That is until he was found out. In court his lawyer tried to get the case thrown out due to the state of his clients mental health, but the judge was having none of this and sent down child rapist Haile for 7 and ½ years.

Maldives: Marine artwork destroyed for being un-Islamic

(Sirru Fen Fushi)   A 5 star resort in the Maldives decided to commission a bespoke piece of marine art and brought in artist and environmentalist Jason deCaires Taylor to do his stuff.

Nine months later he revealed a marine sculptural work of art called Coralarium made from pH-neutral marine steel, it is punctuated with cutouts mimicking the organic forms found in the water, making it a solid yet transparent structure.  Allowing marine life to explore the new environment.

Well despite 9 months in the making nobody from the Maldives bothered complaining until it was finished and the government issued a court order that it had to be destroyed as it was offensive to...Muslims who deemed it a threat to Islamic unity.

Strange how the faithful demand we respect their ways in their homelands, yet in the secular west , if we don't allow them to import their backward ways, it is deemed racist or even Islamophobic.

Sunday, September 23, 2018

Libya: Internecine fighting sees 11 people killed

(Tripoli)   Libya’s Ministry of Health has reported that clashes which broke out in the capital Tripoli this past Friday saw 11 people killed and another 59 injured

This brings the death toll of the fighting between warring parties this past month in the capital to 96 deaths and 365 injuries since the beginning of the fighting in Aug. 26 which has seen forces allied with the UN-backed government fighting the "7th Brigade" militia from the city of Tarhuna, some 80 km southeast of Tripoli.

Somalia: US air-strike takes out 18 Terrorists

(Mogadishu) U.S. Africa Command have issued a press statement that on Friday a joint US –Somali patrol 30 miles northwest of the port city of Kismayo came under attack by Al-Shabab terrorists, an airstrike was called in which resulted in the deaths of 18 of the attackers.

 A further 2 terrorists killed by Somalian troops during the engagement.