Sunday, September 23, 2018

Libya: Internecine fighting sees 11 people killed

(Tripoli)   Libya’s Ministry of Health has reported that clashes which broke out in the capital Tripoli this past Friday saw 11 people killed and another 59 injured

This brings the death toll of the fighting between warring parties this past month in the capital to 96 deaths and 365 injuries since the beginning of the fighting in Aug. 26 which has seen forces allied with the UN-backed government fighting the "7th Brigade" militia from the city of Tarhuna, some 80 km southeast of Tripoli.

Somalia: US air-strike takes out 18 Terrorists

(Mogadishu) U.S. Africa Command have issued a press statement that on Friday a joint US –Somali patrol 30 miles northwest of the port city of Kismayo came under attack by Al-Shabab terrorists, an airstrike was called in which resulted in the deaths of 18 of the attackers.

 A further 2 terrorists killed by Somalian troops during the engagement.

Saturday, September 22, 2018

Philippines: President Rodrigo Duterte expresses anger with Miltary

(Manila) President Rodrigo Duterte of the Philippines likes to play the play the part of a hard talking, hard walking man who will get his way. This we have seen in how he has addressed the drug problem in the country by instigating a shoot to kill policy on drug users.  (As of last month around 20,000 people have been presumed to have been killed by the security forces since July 2016) THis has naturally caught the eye of the world including the ICC whom he has just called “a bunch of criminals” for wanting to investigate his war on illegal drugs. He's fallen out with the US (His biggest sponsor) and has had no problem getting into bed with China and Russia.

A natural bully he has no problem attacking anybody who stands in his way be it legally or illegally. For example  Senator Leila de Lima, is Duterte's chief government critic. He in turn has no problem playing dirty in which to silence her, she was arrested and charged for being linked to the drug trade during her stint as justice secretary. Funny enough all her accusers are prisoners who have been granted freedom if they are willing to accuse her. She is still locked up in jail, but continues to carry out her work as a appointed senator fighting corruption found within the current administration.

Which brings me to Duterte and the Military. You see he has publicly expressed his displeasure with them in a national address over how they refused to do as they were told by him, which was to arrest his chief opposition critic, Senator Antonio Trillanes. on a warrant-less arrest order and launch court martial proceedings agaisnt him . He lashed out at the military in his televised address for disrespecting his democratic mandate and being ungrateful for the significant boost he has administered to armed forces’ salaries and benefits.
 “I’m not trying to win you over. It’s because I was elected president. Now you have the mandate to protect the people and preserve the nation. You want to destroy that? That’s okay,” he complained in the address referring to the armed forces.
Strange how a dictator in making plays the 'democratic' card when he doesn't get his own way.

Afghanistan: 8 children killed by Taliban bomb.

(Faryab province) 8 children were killed when a bomb planted outside a police station in the north of the country was detonated by the Taliban on Friday afternoon.

The blast in the Shirin Tagab district also injured another 6 children. No security forces were injured.

Iran: Attack on Military parade kills 29

(Ahvaz)  4 Gunmen opened fire on a military parade marking the anniversary of the Iraq-Iran warin 1980.

The attack which took place at around 9am local time in the country's oil-rich southwest, resulted in  the deaths of at least 29 (mainly members of the Iranian republican guard) people , and the wounding 53 others,  when the main stand containing dignitaries was targeted with gunfire from the 4 assailants. 3 of whom were killed at the scene , with the last dying of his injuries in hospital.
Confusion persists regards the terrorists behind this attack, with ISIS and a local Sunni Muslim group claiming to be behind  the attack But with no supporting evidence) Iran meanwhile has already blamed foreign countries , but that is only to be expected.

Israel: About those peaceful Hamas protests

How many times have you read about how the Israelis have shot innocent peaceful protesters in Gaza who were simply minding their own business. Have a butchers at this video which was filmed by Palestinians which show that actually these protests are anything but peaceful.

Friday, September 21, 2018

UK: BAE Challenger tank concept to be fitted with Israeli Iron Fist APS

(London)  Last January the British government handed 24-month Assessment Phase (AP) contracts to BAE and Rhinemetal for them to come up with Life Extension Programmes for the  British Challenger 2 Main Battle tank in which to address mission system obsolescence and ensure that the vehicle remains supportable until 2035.

Well this week BAE  revealed their Black Night, Challenger 2 Life Extension Project (LEP) technology demonstrator.

In a nutshell, they have kept the main gun , armour and engine, but replaced everything else , with the internal electronics being ported over from the the new Ajax armoured vehicle which has a 20 Gbit/s Ethernet intelligent open architecture, which enables it to capture, process and store six TBs of information gathered by the sensors. It can then share this data, be it images or other information with other vehicles. The enhancements are designed to provide a 24-hour hunter-killer capability with the provision of thermal imagers for the gunner, commander, and driver.

For defence they have fitted the Challenger with the Israeli Iron fist active protection system, (as a costed option) which funny enough BAE has been contracted to fit to the Dutch armys APCs.

My opinion:
This is an upgrade on the cheap by the British government which would rather hand over £14 billion a year to third world countries which hate us, rather than spend that money on our own. Yes the Challenger 2 is still an effective tank, but to keep it in service until 2035 is a pound foolish, penny shy attempt to say, look we are spending money on the military. Don't even get me started on the standard infantry weapon the British army uses (A weapon I have been familiar with since the early 90s)

And liberals wonder why Islamic wedding parties get hit by air strikes

Watch for the woman on her phone:

India: 3 Policemen kidnapped and murdered by Islamic terrorists

(Jammu and Kashmir)  Islamic terrorists in India have kidnapped 3 policemen from their homes and then aired video of them shooting them dead. 

Special Police Officers Firdous Ahmad Kuchey, Kulwant Singh and Nisar Ahmad Dhobi were abducted from their homes at Batgund and Kapran villages in Shopian district on Thursday night They were then taken to nearby Lamni-Wangam village where they were shot dead. Their bullet riddled bodies were recovered by locals on Friday morning.

Israel: Responds to PA's payments to Ari Fuld's killer pledge.

(Jerusalem)  Over the weekend American Ari Fuld was fatally wounded by 17 year old Youssef Ali Jabarin, Fuld managed to shoot his attacker before succumbing to his wounds. <

Within hours the Palestinian authority made a pledge that they would pay his attacker a stipend. Today Israeli Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon responded by saying Israel will act to counter the Palestinian Authority's planned payments to the family of a terrorist who murdered an Israeli citizen last Sunday by cutting the same amount from the tax dividends Israel transfers to Ramallah.
"Every shekel the Palestinian Authority transfers to the depraved terrorist's family will be deducted immediately,"
The liberal world is up in arms over how the US has cut funding to UNRWA , despite the fact that the US has been handing over much more than anybody else for years. One of the charges that the US has made regards cutting that funding is how Aid money is being used to fund terrorists who have been locked up. Here we have a perfect example of that. Yet to the liberals the US is simply being mean. Really?

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