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The Royal Canadian Navy of the future

(Naval AnalysesThe Royal Canadian Navy of the future graph below illustrates the main surface fleet and submarines of the Navy by the mid-2040s.

The Royal Canadian Navy of the future graph illustrates the main surface fleet and submarines of the Navy by the early-2040s (tankers, auxiliary vessels, etc. are not included). There are currently two major projects underway that will see upgrades to Royal Canadian Navy (RCN) capabilities. There will be, as of November 2018, up to twenty-one RCN ships under construction: up to fifteen Type 26 frigates 

and six Harry De Wolf-class ocean-going patrol vessels (OPV).

UK: Pious Muslim takes offence at Toilet paper, demands store be boycotted.

(UK) So a Muslim went out shopping the other day, popped into his local Jewish (Yes Jewish) Marks and Spenser store and purchased a pack of Aloe Vera Toilet tissue. On opening the pack, he was , yes horrified to find the Allah printed on the toilet paper. So like all good Muslims not only is he spreading this blasphemy to the world, he wants people to boycott the Jewish store.

What I can't understand is how a so called pious Muslim not only purchased toilet paper (Muslims don't use paper but rather use their left hand with copious amounts of water in which to wipe themselves clean, but he did so from a Jewish store.

Marks and Sparks have replied stating:
The motif on the aloe vera toilet tissue, which we have been selling for over five years, is categorically of an aloe vera leaf and we have investigated and confirmed this with our suppliers.”
Anybody else think that this bloke is talking shite.

Mali: French airstrikes kill 15 terrroists in Mali

(Bamako) The French Government has revealed that they carried out a airstrike on a group of armed terrorists on the 10th of January as they congregated together prior to making an attack in the Dialloube area of the country.

The strike saw the attack thwarted and the deaths of 15 armed religious thugs. French troops are based in the African country as part of Operation Barkhane, which targets Islamist terrorists in Chad, Mauritania, Mali, Burkina Faso and Niger.  

Somalia: Terrorists mess up big time attacking Army base 52 killed.

(Bula Gudud) Saturday morning and as is the way of the Islamic Al-Shabab terrorist group inside Somalia, they decided to attack the isolated Bulogagdud army base 50 kilcks north of the town of Kismayo. However things didn't go exactly as planned for them.

So at the crack of dawn they launched their attack with the detonation of 3 vehicle suicide bombs , followed up by an assault by lots of gun totting religious thugs. The attack killed 8 soldiers, with the rest retreating out of contact. The terrorists ransacked the base and then made their getaway with their loot. Problem for them as they drove away, a number of US air-strikes took out the truck and a couple of their vehicles their thugs were travelling in, resulting in 52 getting killed.

Indonesia: Muslims offended by a compass road mosaic as it looks like a cross.

(Surakarta) The local city administration in Central Java, decided to spend a bit of money in which to update the city and as is the way of the bureaucrat they started off with cleaning up the area outside city hall. They pulled in an Islamic architect to design the new look for the city and guess what, the local shariah board aren’t happy. It appears that the mosaic laid down in front of city hall has offended them due to it resembling a cross. Yup so after holding a number of protests, the last yesterday the city council has seen the error of its ways and decided that the offending mosaic laid down only last month will be covered up with paint  

In response the mayor Hadi Rudyatmo, who is a Catholic, said his administration never planned to have a cross-shaped road mosaic in front of his office.  
“If I [had planned] a cross on a road, I would have blasphemed my own religion. A cross is very much respected by Christians. No cross is placed down below. All are placed up above.” 
He also stated that the mosaic was actually inspired by keraton (royalty) symbols of the Surakarta Sultanate and that its designer was also a Muslim. The public works agency's secretary, Mr Taufan Basuki, said the mosaic design had been integrated with the Pemandengan Statue, Gladag traffic circle and the Kasunanan Surakarta Palace hall, all located in the area.
"The design has to be seen as one, starting from the Pemandengan Statue until the Gladag traffic circle. Not separately,He also explained that the mosaic was designed based on the eight directions of a compass with the Pemandengan Statue as the centre point. The eight directions are shown with the yellow lines of the mosaic.

The ethical latte brigade keep on screaming that the west is intolerant and racist towards others and using that drum beat demand that mosques and other vestiges of the Islamic faith be allowed to be built as if they were in their home countries , despite not fitting in with local building rules , yet as we have seen time and time again, that  courtesy isn't mirrored in the countries these people come from, or for that matter in areas in the west where there are large Islamic populations. tolerance is a two way street , yet to the faithful , it can only be a oneway street when it concerns them.


Thailand: Attack on temple sees 2 monks murdered.

(Narathiwat province)  Yesterday (Friday) Gunmen targeted a Buddhist temple in the south of Thailand killing 2 Monks. The attack on the Rattanaupap temple is just the latest in a terror campaign carried out by Muslims in Thailand who rather than using the ballot box, prefer to use the bullet and the bomb in which to press their demands for the Thai provinces situated on the border with Islamic Malaysia to be granted their own independence , rather than live under a country that isn’t Islamic.

The temple attack was one of several violent incidents in Narathiwat on Friday, including a roadside bombing that wounded five members of the security forces, and a shootout between paramilitary rangers and five armed men that left one of the gunmen dead. The terror campaign which began around 2004 has resulted in around 7000 deaths.

Friday, January 18, 2019

Norway: 20 year old Russian 'Islamist arrested after stabbing women inside supermarket

(Oslo) A 20 year old Russian migrant who had just landed in Norway via Sweden decided that he wished to stab lots of non-Muslims, so arming himself with a knife, he walked into a Kiwi supermarket in the Norwegian capital and stabbed a female shopper as she was paying for her groceries

In a news conference PST head Benedicte Bjoernland said: “The man said under questioning that he wanted to kill several people and that this was an act of terror.”

UK: Gang of 9 Turks jailed for 60 years for homophobic atatck

(London) Today 9 Turkish men have been jailed for a total of 60 years for an unprovoked violent attack on gay people on the streets of London .

Turkish national Huseyin Onel, and his gang of eight targeted their first victim at 5am on May 5 2018.

They stamped and kicked him as he curled up in a ball on the ground and covered his face. They then beat up another man who had started filming the attack on his phone after leaving a club, while the first victim ran off. The second victim’s friends intervened and a huge brawl erupted. During this, Onel squirted a corrosive substance from a plastic bottle into the second victim’s face and eyes while targeting others who tried to step in. He suffered a fractured eye socket and was lucky to escape with his eyesight intact – his recovery was described by doctors as “miraculous”. Another person suffered burns to their tongue.

The Turkish thugs then got into three cars and drove from the scene, shouting homophobic comments at members of the group, and claiming that they “run Hackney”. Well for a bunch of thugs who claimed they ran Hackney, they will now have to do it by proxy after they had their day in court:
  • Onel was sentenced to 17 years for applying a noxious substance causing GBH, plus three years on extended licence. He was sentenced to nine years each for six counts of casting a noxious substance and three years for violent disorder, all of which will run concurrently. 
  • 30 year old Tekagac, 30, was jailed for 14-and-a-half years for applying a noxious substance causing GBH, plus another three years on extended licence. To run concurrently, Tekagac was also sentenced to eight years for robbery and three years for violent disorder.
  • 27 year old Ardic, 27, is behind bars for 14 years for applying a noxious substance causing GBH plus the three years extended licence. He was also sentenced to three years for violent disorder, to run concurrently.
  • 20 year old Guven Ulas, was jailed for 30 months for violent disorder.
  • 30 year old Mustafa Kiziltan, received three years – 27 months for violent disorder and nine months for dangerous driving. He was also sentenced to three months for failing to stop, which will run concurrently.
  • 22 year old Serkan Kiziltan,  was sentenced to 18 months for violent disorder.
  • 21 year old Umit Kaygisiz, was sentenced to a total of two years and four months in prison for violent disorder and attempting to convey a prohibited item into prison (a mobile phone).
  • 24 year old Yasam Erdoganwas sentenced to 18 months for violent disorder, suspended for two years.
  • 23 year old Turgut Adakan, 23, of Roman Road, was sentenced to 18 months for violent disorder, suspended for two years.

Sudan: Protests agaisnt Bashir continue for 5th week.

(Khartoum) Stone-throwing Sudanese demonstrators battled security forces in Khartoum on Thursday, witnesses said, and a child and a doctor were reported killed at the start of a fifth week of protests against President Omar al-Bashir’s 30-year rule. Protests also broke out in six other cities in some of the most widespread disturbances since the unrest began on Dec. 19. Sudan has struggled economically since losing three-quarters of its oil output - its main source of foreign currency - when Christian South Sudan seceded in 2011, keeping most of the oilfields. The protests began in Atbara, in north-eastern Sudan, a month ago when several thousand people took to the streets after the government raised bread and fuel prices to reduce the cost of subsidies. The government has managed so far to keep protests from getting out of hand by the use of violent and deadly force, whilst official figures state that around 25 people have been killed since the protests started, people believe that figures are been managed for media consumption and that the death toll is much higher. Naturally dictator for life  Bashir has blamed the protests on foreign “agents. Now there’s a surprise.

Iran: Latest propaganda claims that Iran invented the space shuttle

(Tehran)  I've got to laugh over the years, the Mad mullahs have gone to great lengths in which to claim the latest technological marvels , be it a world beating stealth fighter, the latest helicopter gunship, the best surface vessels or even an unstoppable tank. As you can see all of the above are false claims , but for once even I'm surprised at the pure audacity of their claims. You see the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps have just knocked out a display in the centre of the Tehran where they claim credit for inventing the...Space shuttle.

The timing of this display is especially laughable considering the so-called Iranian Space Agency just failed yet again at putting a satellite into low-earth orbit.

Sweden: Ibrahim Dahir found guilty of murder due to DNA evidence, wants all charges dropped.

(Gothenburg) in Oct 2017 a woman found the remains of a man who had been burnt alive in a ditch. The body was later identified as a foreign citizen in his 30s who had been kidnapped from his home by several men, tied up, beaten up and then after he was dumped in a ditch near a school to the north of the city set on fire. Police forensics found the DNA of 27 year old Ibrahim Dahir (known to the police for the numerous times served inside prison) under his finger nails and a search of his residence found the dead mans keys within and so he was nicked along with several known associates. Last December, he was found guilty (due to the evidence against him and he received a 15 year sentence as well as a £5130 fine  ($6,659) , but not before a relation to a witness was shot in both in both knee caps on the day that Dahir was indicted.

Well, as you can gather old fire starter Dahir despite his previous 10 court cases (two cases of gross assault, human rape, robbery, drug offences and knife crimes) claims he is an innocent man and that not only can he explain his DNA under the fingernails of the murdered man, he can also explain how the dead mans keys were found in his home.  So he is demanding that all charges against him are dropped and the fine quashed. Gee isn’t Western law great where you can actually have the Swedish taxpayer fund your attempt to be a freeman despite all the evidence been stacked against you.

Interlude: Supertramp - Dreamer

Syria: Canadian ISIS terrorist gives interview:

And to think that to a lot of Canadians, terrorists like this should be brought home:

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Mali: 34 killed in terrorist attacks

(Bamako)  At least 34 people were killed on Thursday when armed men,  on motorcycles, raided two Touareg villages in eastern Mali,  These latest attack near the province of Menaka is simply a continuation of ongoing conflicts among hostile tribes.

The latest attack near the province of Menaka is only a continuation of ongoing conflicts among hostile tribes.

Libya:Clashes in capital sees 10 killed

(Tripoli) The death toll from clashes between rival militias in the Libyan capital Tripoli has risen to 10 killed and 41 wounded. Fighting broke out this week between a coalition of Tripoli militias, known as the Tripoli Protection Force (TPF), and the 7th Brigade, or Kaniyat, from Tarhouna, a town 65 km (45 miles) southeast of Tripoli.

The resumption of fighting in Qasr bin Ghashir puts an end to the UN brokered ceasefire from September 2018 which ended the militia fighting that had started on 26 August. Naturally both sides blame the other.

Germany: Syrian Anti-Assad critic found hacked to death

(Hamburg) Syrian Mohamed Joune, a  critic of Syria’s leader Bashar al Assad has died after being attacked with what is believed to have been an axe. 48 year old Joune, led the organisation Union of Syrians Abroad and lived in Germany. He was seen on Tuesday evening falling out of the doorway of a building he owned on Luneburger Str in the city of Hamburg before collapsing due to a head and upper body wounds. He died soon after arriving at a local hospital. The attacker is still at large.

US: ISIS supporter arrested over plot to attack White house with Anti-Tank weapon.

(Washington)  21 year old Muslim convert Hasher Jallal Taheb decided that Muslims needed saving and after he failed in jetting out to Iraq in which to fight the good fight as a member of ISIS due to the fact he didn’t have a passport .  He decided that he would sell his car, buy weapons (despite having never fired one) including an anti-tank missile and attack the white house with it. Well he was picked up by the FBI yesterday in his home town of Cumming, Georgia.

Anybody else with even half a braincell would have simply purchased a passport.

Columbia: Car bomb hits Colombia capital: 9 killed ,54 injured.

(Bogotá) A huge car bomb has been detonated outside a police training school in the Columbian capital , killing 9 people and injuring a further  54 people. 8 of the dead are police cadets, with the 9th being an Ecuadorian citizen.  The driver of the vehicle which contained the bomb has been identified as a 57 year old, who when his car was stopped by guards at a checkpoint, accelerated away and hit a wall, at which point the car exploded. No group has claimed responsibility for the blast.

In a continent where the vast majority of the population are catholic , who see suicide as a sin, it does make you wonder who would detonate a carbomb outside the female quarters of the police barracks. Funny enough across the border in Venezuela, the likes of Hezb-allah and Iran have a very strong standing with the current socialist administration, an administration which openily hates the Colombians which has funded terrorists acts inside the country and who would like nothing more than for the spotlight of media attention look elsewhere.

China: Rolls out its own version of the Russian Terminator tank.

(Beijing)  Russian military experience in Afghanistan and First Chechen War revealed that the standard Infantry Fighting Vehicles (IFVs) in use (BMP 1 and 2) were not up to the task of supporting armour on the battlefield. What was needed was something that could fully support the Main Battle Tanks and be able to brush off the infantry weapons which proved so deadly to the IFVs of the day. After going back to the drawing board, the Russians came up with the BMPT "Terminator. Basically a T72 tank with the turret removed and four Ataka missile launchers, two 30 mm  autocannons, two  grenade launchers, and one coaxial 7.62 mm machine gun fitted in its stead.

In the Urban setting 2 BMP-Ts will support one Main Battle Tank, (MBT) out in open country, one will support 2 MBTs. It is also combat proven inside Syria.

Well seeing a good thing when they see one, the Chinese have decided to get in on the act and so they have developed their own battlefield support Terminator. Named the QN-506 the Chinese version is based on the chassis of the Chinese copy of the venerable T55. Like the Russian BMP-T the Turret has been removed and replaced with a 30-millimeter cannon, 7.62-millimeter machine gun, four anti-tank/anti-aircraft missiles , 20  mini-missiles, 4  mini-cruise missiles, and six grenade launchers for close-in defence. It even carries a quadcopter drone for intelligence and surveillance tasks.

Finland: Changes law due to rise in sex offences agaisnt Children

(Helsinki)  Finland that Scandinavian country with a population of just over 5 million people has had to change the law making any sexual activity with a child illegal after a huge public outcry against the rise of sexual adventures agaisnt children with  that rise coming from a certain community of recent imports.

The country follow Sweden which enacted the same law after it too saw a rise in offences of a sexual nature agaisnt children. Finland decided to move after 23 year old asylum seeker Juusuf Muhamed Abbudin, was found not guilty of rape after he was caught doing the dirty with a 10 year old child and after a gang of migrants decided to gang rape another 10 year old child.

All across Europe rape and abuse of women has gone out of the window, yet if anybody tries to point out the bleeding obvious they are character assassinated by the left as...racists. There's none as blind as those who refuse to see.

Kenya: Terrorist attack on Hotel sees 21 people murdered.

(Nairobi) On Tuesday members of the Somalian terrorist group Al-Shahbab angry at how President Trump had recognised Jerusalem as the capital of  Israel decided to teach him a lesson by launching an attack on an upmarket hotel not in the US, nor Israel or even Somalia , instead they launched a terrorist attack in Kenya.

As is the way of these ingrates, they targeted those who were unable to fightback and whilst screaming out the name of their so called god murdered 21 people in cold-blood before they were put down for the vermin they are.

However out of this darkness , a bright light has shone through. It transpires that a British SAS trooper (along with US Special forces) training Kenyan troops, happened to be in the area at the time, donning his battle order (Equipment and weapon) he quickly sprung into action, saving a number of lives.

Isn't it refreshing to see, that some people instead of standing back and filming what is happening, instead will run towards gunfire, danger and possibly death in which to save their fellow man.

Pakistan: University rebrands Valentine’s Day as ‘Sister’s Day

(Faisalabad) The University of Agriculture in Faisalabad has decided to rename Valentine’s Day and instead will be celebrating Feb. 14 as Sister’s Day in an attempt to promote "eastern culture and Islamic traditions and turn the youth away from Western ways of thinking. 

The university, will also distribute headscarves and shawls to its female students to ensure respect for women. Vice chancellor Zafar Iqbal stated on the university website:
"We were forgetting our culture, and Western culture was taking root in our society, "In our culture, women are more empowered and earn their due respect as sisters, mothers, daughters and wives”
Which is strange as hundreds of Pakistani males have been arrested around the world for sexually abusing the fairer sex. So much for that Pakistani respect then.

UK: British Soldier run down in targeted hate crime

(Batley) On New Years Day an argument transpired in a nightclub in West Yorkshire when a certain community found out that a young man was serving in the British army. The soldier decided to leave in which to calm the situation down.

But for 23 year old Hamza Ali Hussain, that wasn't enough and he also left, got into his car and drove it into Joshua Adams-Mitchell, the soldier who had left of his own accord. Like a true zero, Husssain did a runner leaving Adams-Mitchell with a fractured cheek bone, eye socket and bruising to his face and body. Funny how when anybody looks funny at a Muslim, the entire media goes into a meltdown, yet when the shoe is on the other foot...silence.

UK: 55 men arrested over child sex abuse

(KIrklees) In yet another example of how the authorities in the Uk turned a blind eye to the paedophillic  peccadilloes of a certain imported demographic , 55 men (yes 55) have been arrested for raping little girls over a period of 7 several years.

The individuals were arrested from addresses in Dewsbury, Batley and Bradford over the last few months The investigation centres on allegations made by seven women of sexual abuse committed against them as children predominantly in the Dewsbury and Batley area between 2002 and 2009. As mentioned the authorities turned a blind eye to the industrial scale rapes of thousands of little girls because they didn't wish to be seen as racists if they investigated. That all changed when the Times of London exposed the rapes in Rotherham resulting in a very large number of men (all Islamic and predominately Pakistani) getting picked up by the old bill.

Israel: US Army to procure two Iron Dome batteries

(Jerusalem) The US Army looks set to procure two Israel-made Iron Dome batteries to defend its military personnel around the world. According to reports, the US Army has asked Congress for $373 million to buy the two batteries. Israel's Iron Dome missiles defence system, which has been successfully protecting residents of Israel for over a decade by intercepting rockets fired from Gaza. The US Army is seeking to have them delivered by 2020.