Sunday, October 14, 2018

UK: Dogooders prevent the deportation of a rapist

(London)  My last post was about the current WOKE generation who find fault in everything and anything without checking the facts. One such example is how the other day a 19 year old Somali immigrant Yaqub Ahmed was being deported after carrying out half a 6 year prison sentence after the gang rape  of a 16 year old girl was prevented from being kicked out of the country after a bunch of so called 'WOKE' idiots objected to him being deported because they felt he should remain with his family. Yup nothing like a stupid liberal minded idiot defending a gang rapist:

If by chance one of the wankers demanding that this gang rapist be taken off the plane as his family are in the UK and it would be a death sentence if he is returned to Somali has arrived at this site, Do be so kind to say if you would you still demand for a gang rapist to be allowed to remain in the Uk.

UK: Tracey Ullman debates the current WOKE generation

(BBC) Tracey Ullman is a British Comedian whose biggest claim to fame is for producing a series of cartoon shorts featuring a dysfunctional family called the Simpsons. Anyway she's still in the business and her show recently knocked out this comedy skit regards the current  'WOKE' generation;

Oh and by the way a Hob Nob is a popular British biscuit.

Saturday, October 13, 2018

Egypt: Bisha'a the trial of fire where you prove your innocence by licking a red hot metal object

(Cairo) Bisha'a is a ritual practised by Bedouin tribes of  Egypt and Saudi Arabia for the purpose of lie detection. The ritual consists of the accused being asked to lick a hot metal object (spoon, ladle, rod, etc.) thrice. He is provided with water for rinsing after the ceremony. He /she is then inspected by the official who presides over the ceremony  If the person undergoing the ritual is found to have a scarred or burnt tongue, it is concluded that they are lying. The Howeitat Bedouin call this ritual "the true light of God".

The British when they ruled Egypt banned this evil practice and it is still apparently banned in modern day Egypt.  However it is still practised by some of the more fervent crowd as this video from DW shows:

Friday, October 12, 2018

UN: Under-fire for appointing despotic regimes to UN Human Rights Council.

(UN) So today the UN appointed 18 states to the UN Human rights council

and the selection of a number of those states hasn't gone down well with a lot of people:
For example we have the Philippines where President Rodrigo Duterte's crackdown on drugs has resulted in  "a killing frenzy" that between July 2016 and Oct 2018 has seen over 7000 people murdered . Political opponents of Duterte have a nasty habit of getting arrested 

Then, there is Eritrea which has no problem persecuting and jailing government critics and  due to its no time limit national service. (really just a front for cheap labour)  has resulted in around 4000 Eritreans leaving in search of asylum every month. In fact so concerned was the UNHRC about the conditions in Eritrea, it commissioned a report on Human right abuses in 2015, the findings of which were quite damning of the country. (PDF here)

Others include :
Burkino Faso (not known for its Human rights)
Bahrain (Also not known for its Human rights)
Cameroon ( Where only the other week, the army was caught out on film murdering women and children)
Italy (Which is currently prosecuting a black female MP for calling the ruling far right party 'racist' after they published a photo of her as an orangutan.) Lets not forget the following bastions of Human rights: Somalia , Bangladesh, and it doesn't take a mastermind to understand the following voting patterns at the UNHCR since 2006:

 Algeria - 0
 China - 0
 Iraq - 0
 Pakistan - 0
 Qatar - 0
 Russia - 0
 Somalia - 0
 Turkey - 0
 Venezuela - 0

 Zimbabwe - 0

Gee and how the left complained when the US said the UNHCR was biased and pulled out, taking its money with them the other month. The UN being at the front of that queue with the tag line #StandUp4HumanRights.
It appears from the look of things, the UNHCR could do with taking a bit of its own advice.

UK: PC gone mad, Male rapist placed in female prison because he said he was a woman. What could go wrong.

(Leeds) 52 year old Steven White was jailed last year for attacking and stabbing an elderly 66 year old neighbour with a knife. Despite his history of violence, indecent exposure, and raping a child, due to the current fixation of the left with the human rights of men (with penises) who call themselves women, he was placed inside a female prison. (Yes you heard that right, a male sex offender was placed inside a female prison,) Because he claimed he wanted to change into a woman. I mean what ever could go wrong.

Steven White

Last September, one month after he was locked away in HMP New Hall (a woman only prison) He carried out sexual assault on a female inmate, he carried out another in Oct and questions started to be asked about the veracity of his claims to be a woman (still has his penis)  further investigations found he carried out out a number of rapes the last being in 2016, the year before he had been jailed.

Karen (have I got a surprise for you) White
With their knickers in a twist, the prison service was forced to remove Mr White and rehouse him in a male prison. In court this week (via the use of a video camera), the case was presented that White, used the pretext of wanting to change into a woman so as to be allowed access to vulnerable women who simply could not escape his clutches. He was jailed for life (which in the Uk means 9 years) on two counts of rape, two sexual assaults and one offence of wounding. Yet despite all this, the political elites still refer to this Man who still has his penis as a woman. 

Only in the west could you have a situation where a child and female rapist was locked away inside a female prison due to his so called human rights. Yeah whatever could wrong.

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