Sunday, February 17, 2019

France: Still unable to admit Muslims are behind the rise in Anti-Semitism.

(Paris) The Gilets Jaunes or in English "yellow vest" protests began in mid-November last year over fuel taxes. Since then they have broadened into a revolt against President Macron, and a political class seen as out of touch with common people. The protests often turn violent, causing mindless damage.

Yesterday France claimed it was shocked and disgusted after coverage of a hoard of yellow vest protesters hurling anti-Semitic abuse at 69-year-old Jewish academic Alain Finkielkraut in the street .In videos of the incident, protesters can be heard yelling: "Dirty Jew" and "you're a hater, you're going to die, you're going to hell," while others called on him to "go home" and "return to Tel Aviv." In a different clip demonstrators can be heard screaming anti-Semitic profanities such as "dirty Zionist shit." Thankfully Police were at hand and whisked him away before somebody took to physical violence.
French President Emmanuel Macron spoke out against the attack  stating that "the anti-Semitic insults he [Finkielkraut] has been subjected to are as the absolute opposite of who we are and what makes us a great nation. We will not tolerate them." His stance was mirrored by others in Government. Yet not one of them have noticed that the main agitator during the incident sports an Islamic beard and is wearing a  Palestinian keffiyeh, funny enough others supporting his stance don't look French either. what with their dark tans and such. yet despite the rise in Anti-Semitism across Europe, nobody has managed to add 1 and 1 together in which to come up with 2 . 

Just what is it with European political elites and their inability to call out Islamic based intolerance. I mean they don't have a problem playing the white race hate card when somebody looks funny at an gun bearing blood dripping Islamic terrorist who is screaming 'Allah ackba do they. 

Iran: Tells EU, if you want us to stop building missiles sell us Fighter jets

(Tehran) Iran's Minister of Foreign Affairs Mohammad Javad Zarif in an interview with Germany newspaper Spiegal  sent a message to the EU that if they want the theological state to stop building missiles which they themselves have stated are capable of striking European cities then the solution is simple. Sell Tehran advance fighter jets. He pointed to the fact that  regional countries are teeming with the purchased weaponry that mostly come from Europe, he added that the Persian Gulf states have bought $100bn of weaponry only in 2018, however he did add that the weapons Iran  has purchased are only for defensive use.

The German newspaper asked if Iran is only concerned with being defensive, then why was it shipping thousands of missiles to Islamic terrorist group Hezb-allah, to which Zarif replied it was to allow the terrorist group to defend itself from Israel. Stating that Israel had attacked Syria 300 times. Whilst talking about Syria, he pointed out that unlike the US which had left it too late in which to disengage from Syria, Iran would stay in which to fight..terrorism which taking his stance regards the US is something of an oxymoron.  He continued his interview by telling the EU to stop using human rights as a weapon and that any friend of the US is allowed to commit whatever crime they want, which is why the Zionist regime and the Saudis can do whatever they want and get away with it.
He ended by stating that allegations levelled against Iran about organizing terrorist attacks in Europe, as baseless.

Saturday, February 16, 2019

Syria: Canadian admits to role in gruesome ISIS execution videos

(Kurdistan) So a month ago I mentioned how good old Canadian boy Mohammed Abdullah Mohammed, had been interviewed inside Syria of how he had left Canada in which to fight the good fight inside Syria.

Well he has now admitted he helped produce ISIS propaganda snuff videos that showed prisoners digging their own graves and being executed, In the English-language Flames of War video, the narrator praised jihadist foreign fighters who had come to Syria from around the world and said they were “chosen by Allah.” During a scene that showed the mass execution of prisoners lying face-down, he said ISIS was “harsh against the kuffar [non-believers]. This harshness never wavered and was a constant trait of the brothers.” The 55-minute video ends with a row of kneeling prisoners being shot in the back of the head and tumbling forward into the mass grave they have just dug with shovels.

Iran: Warns Pakistan over continued atatcks

(Tehran) Responding to the suicide attack inside Iran the other which saw 27 Iranian soldiers killed . Revolutionary Guards chief Major General Mohammad Ali Jafari has warned neighbouring Pakistan it would “pay a heavy price” for harbouring the terrorists who carried out said attack .Jafari addressing a large crowd gathered for the funeral of the victims of Wednesday’s suicide bombing stated:

“Just in the past year, six or seven suicide attacks were neutralized but they were able to carry out this one, Why do Pakistan’s army and security body ... give refuge to these anti-revolutionary groups? Pakistan will no doubt pay a high price,”
Looks like the Pakistani foreign office has a lot on its plate at the moment what with the threat of hostility's with  Iran and India at the same time.

Friday, February 15, 2019

Syria: Unrepentant ISIS female wants to return to the Uk

(Kurdistan) In Feb 2015, three Muslim school girls hit the headlines after they ran away from their homes in London in which to travel to Syria in which to join ISIS. At the time the media related how they were victims, how the authorities were concerned for their safety and how the families blamed the police.- It soon transpired that one of the girls had been radicalised by her very own father who took her to anti-western protests in the Uk- CCTV coverage revealed that the trio had made it to Syria and after a few weeks had been married off to ISIS thugs where they revealed on social media what a wonderful time they were having.

ISIS brides Kadiza Sultana, Amira Abase and Shamima Begum on route to Syria

4 years down the line, and that wonderful time is no more, of the three, 1 is dead, one is in a refugee camp after her terrorist husband surrendered in the last ISIS holdout in Syria and the other nobody knows. A reporter for the Times visited that refugee camp and interviewed Shamima Begum the girl holed up as a refugee. His report reveals that she doesn't regret going, that ISIS were fighting the good fight, in otherwords she is unrepentant. That said, she stated she wants to return to the Uk, have her child (she is 9 months pregnant) and live quietly.

Anthony Loyds interview has galvanised the do-gooders , the leftwing media and the plain stupid that this unrepentant ISIS member is a victim, that we should bring her back to the Uk and that actually she poses very little risk to the Uk. Naturally the bBC which refuses to refer to those who terrorise the sick lame and lazy by cutting their throats as terrorists has gone all out interviewing lots of Muslims who feel that this girl should be returned and it’s not about her, but about her unborn child.
the irony here is the very people who claim these girls were brainwashed, that they were victims are also the same ones demanding children their age should be given the vote. Oh the double standards.

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