Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Turkey: Whilst his country starves, Venezuelan president enjoys eating out at an upscale steak restaurant

(Istanbul)  As a child one of the books we had to read at school was 'Animal farm' by George Orwell . Its a story about how the animals on a farm rebel and kick out out the Human farmer and decide to run it themselves. The pigs take charge under the matra "All animals are equal"  and "4 legs good , 2 legs bad" however by the end off the book that matra is amended to read: "All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others." and the pigs start to walk around on 2 legs.

Which brings me to Venezuela, which under the good intentions of socialism where everybody is equal, the country has seen a huge drop in living standards. The current president Nicolás Maduro who has no problem blaming everybody else for the sorry state of the country (primarily the US and Columbia) is currently in Turkey trying to secure cash loans based on oil security (Of which Venezuela is supposed to have the worlds largest holdings) anyway whilst the people of Venezuela are leaving in their millions due to a lack of food (90% of the population have reported to have lost weight due to hunger)  El Presidento and his wife had no problem living it large at a celebrity Turkish restaurant and it hasn't gone down well with the people back home:
It appears Maduro has no problem subscribing to the mantra:
""All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others." 

Syria shoots down jet during Israeli attack. problem is, Its Russian.

(Damascus)  Last night at around 2300hrs hours somebody decided to launch a missile attack on the Syrian city of Latakia.

Whilst the Syrian defence force issued their usual proclamation, that the attack had been muted by their air defence system, places in the city did spontaneously combust.
Also the Syrians never got round to mentioning that they also managed to shoot down a plane. something they do every-time there is a missile attack. The problem here is, the plane they shot down was a Russian Il-20 (Nato code name: Coot) a strategic electronic intelligence and radar reconnaissance aircraft.

Initially the Russians blamed the French:

But this has been denied by the French , and now the Russians have blamed the Israelis for the loss of their plane.
The thing I can't understand is how a Russian Jet flying over Syria was taken down by a Syrian S200 missile, I mean what is Identification friend or foe (IFF) for?

Monday, September 17, 2018

IOS 12 update out today.

So IOS 12 gets rolled out today, if you wish to be an early updater, here is a list of local times around the world when the update should become available:

Here a video of what to expect:

And here's what Ipad users should expect:

UK: Mass Brawl in Luton, 21 men injured,

(Luton) On Sunday just to the north of London a huge mass brawl took place in public at around 5pm.

For some very strange reason groups of men armed with knives, baseball bats, iron bars , hammers and cleavers decided to have a very uncivilised conversation , resulting in 21 men sustaining injuries requiring hospital admission with several of them in a serious condition. Video coverage of the mass brawl reveals that all the idiots concerned belong to the same demographic, who it appears don't subscribe to civilised discourse and are only too happy to recreate the very conditions in the Uk which they claim forced them to leave their home lands in search of sanctuary.
As per usual the  Police, media and authorities who are so quick to play the race card on anybody who speaks out about the ingrained intolerance found within a certain imported ideology (A certain Tommy Robinson is from Luton)  have not only remained tight-lipped on the above it appears they don't have a clue about who participated in the above bunfight, which is strange as the above video clip not only shows where the brawl took place, it very clearly shows the faces of local people watching, including a local taxis driver stopping and getting out of his taxis.

Belgium: Police shoot knife attacker.

(Brussels) Early this morning two policemen on patrol in the centre of Brussels came across a migrant sleeping in a public park. Telling him to move on, the migrant instead pulled out a knife and attacked them injuring one policeman. Unfortunately for the assailant the policemen were armed with hand guns and for his troubles he was shot twice leaving him in a serious condition.

Saturday, September 15, 2018

Syria: Damascus Airport targeted by missile strikes.

(Damascus) This evening Damascus International Airport was targeted by a missile strike with, Syrian state media stating (as they always do) that their air defence system shot down some of them. A media group which monitors Syria said the attack targeted an arms depot near the airport where new weapons had recently arrived for the Iranians or Lebanon's Hezbollah group. The monitoring group had no immediate word on casualties, saying the strike did cause material damage.

As this is the age of the mobile phone, numerous clips have been uploaded onto social media showing the Syria air defence system at work. Something the Assad regime loves to promote in which to big up its air defence capability. However that said as always the Syrians still got hit.

There is some speculation that the target was an Iranian cargo plane which landed at 8pm (local time)
This attack comes less than a fortnight after a missile attack targeted Iranian positions in the city of Masyaf

Venezuela: President Maduro to sue his neighbours over their refusal to accept millions of Venezuelans trying to escape..Venezuela.

(Caracas)  Of late Venezuela has found itself in something of a pickle. You see after years of Socialism, the country is falling apart at the seams. Crime is up, prices are up, jobs are down as is the supply of food, water and electricity.  Not only that but because people are suffering, they have started to complain we had the mass protests on the streets last year, which saw over 165 people killed, over 16000 injured and nearly 5000 arrested. In order to remain in power , people who complain are arrested and charged with treason , which is what happened to fireman Ricardo Prieto

who knocked out a skit on social media where he referred to President Nicolas Maduro, faster than the rise of the nations currency Ricardo found himself arrested for dissent.
So acute is the cash flow in Venezuela, this past week El Presidento jetted off to China in which to secure a $5 billion loan off of China which the canny Chinese have tied to the supply of oil at very favourable rates. This is on top of the $50 billion China has already loaned Caracas and yet there is nothing to show for it.

Anyway former bus driver Maduro has been looking at other ways in which to fund his socialist economic policy and he has decided that he is going to sue the neighbours. First of all he is going to sue Columbia for how Colombians fleeing the violence  that plagued the country for years settled in Venezuela. However it appears he hasn't thought this one out, as it was proven the other year that Venezuela under Hugo Chavez not only funded and gave sanctuary to the FARC rebels  and supplied them with weapons , he got them to murder his political opponents 

Then there is the issue of all the countries which border Venezuela who have been holding back and vetting the entry of people out of the country into theirs.. (Also includes Columbia)  which is why this week, Venezuelan Communications Minister Jorge Rodriguez said “elites” in Colombia, Ecuador and Perú were luring Venezuelans there with false promises and then paying them slave wages.
 “If we have to ask for compensation from the governments of Colombia, Ecuador and Perú, we’re going to demand it"

The irony here is, after failure after failure, the socialists in the West refuse to accept that socialism doesn't work.