Friday, March 27, 2020

Interlude:Billy Ocean - When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Get Going

That must be the most expensive trio of backing singers ever.

US: Woman coughs over $35,000 worth of food inside Supermarket for a prank.

(Hanover Township) So yesterday I  wrote about how a Nazis loser offended by how the town he lived in had been placed under a lockdown saw him shot dead after he decided the thing to do in which to get his revenge was blow up a hospital full of COVID 19 victims. Thankfully the FBI took him out before he could carry out his so called act of revenge.

Margaret Cirko 

Well today , there’s another bizarre story coming from the states regards the COVID 19 outbreak 35 year old Margaret Cirko walked into a local Gerrity’s supermarket on Wednesday

and proceeded to cough over all the food . During her coughing episode of a prank she apparently screamed out:
“I have the virus, now you are all going to get sick,”
She was quickly ushered out by the staff and then promptly arrested by the Police . The Supermarket had to employ 15 members of staff to throw out around $35,000 worth of food .
Cirko, was charged Thursday with  threatening to use a weapon of mass destruction, making terroristic threats and disorderly conduct. what is it with some people and stupidity 

Thursday, March 26, 2020

Norway: Jihadist deported to.....Italy

(Oslo) In 1991 Mullah Fateh Vahid Krekar a Sunni Iraqi Kurdish Islamic scholar and terrorist leader sought and gained asylum in Norway, as soon as he got that Norwegian passport he returned to the country he ran away from in fear for his life and set about trying to achieve his dream of carving out a pure Islamic homeland inside Iraq based on pure Sharia law, which as fate would have it didn’t transpire for another 24 years.

Mulla Krekar
On the 1st of September 2001 he formed terrorist group Ansar al-Islam which just happened to pledge allegiance to Al Q 10 days before 9/11 and started laying the framework for that new Islamic caliphate by targeting Kurds . After the Taliban lost power  a few weeks later, Ansar al-Islam received lots of new recruits from Afghanistan and started making a name for itself as a terror group
In 2002, the Norwegians decided to revoke Krekar’s  Norwegian citizenship over how he was spending so much time in Iraq running a terror group, naturally he played the victimcard which saw him arrested in Holland and deported to…Norway. The courts there charged him as a terrorist and ordered him to be deported to Iraq. But alas this poor man lawyers pleaded that his life would be at risk if he was deported to Iraq because they subscribed to the very same Sharia law that Krekar wanted to install in his new Islamic caliphate , so for the next 18 years he remained in Norway. Knowing he couldn’t be deported due to Norway's commitment to Human rights for all. Krekar began making a name for himself as Norwegian public enemy number 1 by issuing numerous death threats to anybody he disagreed with. In fact in 2012 he was found guilty of one such incident, but he appealed and was acquitted a year later . In January 2015 finding itself with a huge problem on its hands Norway exiled him and his family 200 miles north of the capital the town of Kyrksæterøra. (population 2500) However he still had access to his followers via the internet and a month later he was jailed for congratulating the killers who carried outthe Charlie Hebo murders in Paris.

He was arrested again whilst in Prison in Nov 2015 as part of a mass European police action regards ISIS members across Europe. He was arrested again in Nov 2016 and last year in 2019. The latter was to be the opening Norway needed in which to rid themselves of this intolerant ‘B’ who whilst hating everything about the Western way of life afforded to him by the Norwegian people , fought tooth and nail in which to remain on a life of benefits.

That arrest was due to an extradition request made by the Italians over his links to an offshoot of  Ansar al-Islam where he had been sentenced to 12 years in jail in his absence.  He and his lawyers presumed they could get over this and of late used the high rate of deaths in that country from COVID 19 in which to try and keep suckling  on the Norwegian taxpayer. Huge mistake and yesterday he was extradited to the country with the highest rate of COVID 19 deaths in the world. At 63 years of age and apparently in lill health , Krekar best get used to scrubbing himself down in the Prison showers in which to ensure he doesn’t catch something nasty, say like a 20 stone girlfriend who answers to the name... Bernard.

Germany: Asylum seekers riot over COVID 19 lockdown

(Suhl) So whilst virtually the entire world is under some form of lockdown due to the COVID 19 outbreak.  Asylum seekers in one German town decided to riot over how their accommodation which houses around 500 people was placed under quarantine after 2 people were found to have been infected by the Corona virus after been warned off by the authorities that quarantine means quarantine and that walking around town in mass groups isn’t the done thing.

So the Germans sent in 200 Riot Police backed up by the German army (and water cannon) in which to arrest 22 prime agitators:
And they were met by ISIS flags and young child placed in the front line. How do I know this? The Police reported it. (Link to letter)

US: Domestic terrorist planning to bomb COVID 19 hospital shot dead

(Kansas city) The FBI have announced that they have shot dead 36 year old Timothy Wilson, who was "actively planning to target a hospital with a car bomb after he took umbridge with his local mayor for calling a lockdown.

Wilson whom the FBI had been watching for several months had started taking the necessary steps to acquire the materials needed to build an Improvised explosive device and he was killed Tuesday after he showed up armed to pick up an inert explosive device supplied by authorities. Instead of listening to the FBI, he decided to take his chance and lost after coming second on the draw and was taken to a local hospital for treatment where he was pronounced dead.

According to the FBI, after his local mayor issued a stay-at-home order for its residents over the current COVID 19 pandemic, Wilson said he felt compelled to act because of the mayor’s order and after considering  various targets he settled on a local hospital in an attempt to harm as many people as possible by targeting a facility which could be providing critical medical care in the very near future

Its been revealed by the media that Wilson was an admirer of the 1980s terrorist group The Order” and was linked to “two active neo-Nazi organisations,” the National Socialist Movement(NSM) and Vorherrschaft Division (VSD) and subscribed to the view that the current COVID 19 crisis was engineered by Jews:
“If you don’t think this whole thing was engineered by Jews as a power grab here is more proof of their plans. Jews have been playing the long game we are the only ones standing in their way.”
Why do all these Hitler fanboys who subscribe to this notion of white racial purity all look like they have an extra chromosome and lick windows for a pastime?

UK: Egyptian Racist jailed for anti-semitic abuse at Jewish family

(St Albans) So 3 weeks ago I mentioned how 20 year old Egyptian Adam Cassidy (Turkish father, English mother ) was found guilty of racist behaviour towards a Jewish family having a coffee. Despite apologising and trying to claim he was provoked by them for calling him a 'Dirty Arab' 

I mean look at the picture below taken on the day in the Uk, does he look like an Arab?
The judge was having none of it, and today the Racist fatherless person was jailed for 6 weeks. Now follow that up by deporting him back to his parents who are still living in Egypt.

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Afghanistan: 25 Sikhs murdered inside their temple by Islamic state terrorist

(Kabul) Wednesday morning saw a armed gunman storm a Sikh temple in the capital killing 25 , people before he himself was killed. Islamic State have admitted to the attack which lasted over 6 hours and at one point saw 150 people taken hostage.

It never fails to amaze me the intolerance shown towards others (including their own) by the followers of a faith whom I am informed 24/7 by the liberals of this world subscribe to a religion of peace. Currently these so called peaceful followers are protesting left, right and centre in India over how India has decided to offer sanctuary to non Islamic people from the Islamic countries which surround it , but deny it to Muslims from those countries.and when we see acts of violence like this transpire all we hear is silence from the 'Islamophobia crowd"

Mozambique: Islamists attack town, Amnesty blames Government.

(Mocimboa da Praia)  So the other day Islamists in the north of Mozambique deciding they had nothing better to do, decided to attack the town of Mocimboa da Praia targeting barracks, police stations and the local prison.  The area just south of the border with Tanzania is where the vast majority of the country’s Muslims reside which currently stands at around 18% of the population

So why here?  I mean the place isn't know for regional strife and during the destructive civil war that fell upon the country between 1977 to 1992, the region was were many people from the south (over 1000 miles away) relocated in search of safety)  Well the area has recently become a hive of activity after one of the largest gas fields was discovered in the region  and as the country is poor. this find is a godsend for the government and for the people, an insurgency resulting in a clampdown on the Islamic population would see idiots flock to the area resulting in concessions been made towards the terrorists or the birth of a new country along the lines of South Sudan.  Which is why since 2017, Islamist acts of terrorism have risen in the area. Just what is it about Muslims around the world and their inability to live in peace with others.

Naturally Amnesty International have jumped into the argument as the blind polarised bigots they are and have decided to attack the government and not the blood thirsty thugs referring to the attack as the culmination of a tragic failure by the Mozambican government to protect the people" of the regi

Couldn't make it up if you tried.

Nigeria: Over 50 Nigerian soldiers killed in Boko Haram ambush

(Goneri) So whilst the Chad army was getting knocked for six by the terrorist group they were meant to be chasing down  around Lake Chad, 70 miles south in Nigeria, Boko Haram were doing likewise with the Nigerian army where in an ambush they took out over 50+ Nigerian soldiers.

Speaking to the media ,defence ministry spokesman John Enenche told journalists in the capital, Abuja, on Tuesday.
"The Nigerian military suffered some casualties in the unfortunate attack,
Really, smacks of complacency on both sides of the border.

CHAD: 92 Chad soldiers killed in ' Boko Haram attack

(N'Djamena) So whilst the world hankers down regards the latest virus to have come out of China , resulting in as much as 20% of the world’s population told to stay indoors. The islamist idiots in Africa have decided that as everybody has been told not to go out, they will go to them and so in Chad , Boko Haram the so called peaceful bunch of Islamist jihadists who preach on a platform of no western education  but for some very strange reason tend to attack Mosques and the homes of Muslims struck a CHAD army base situated on an Island on Lake CHAD, before doing so they secured all points of ingress and so when reinforcements arrived they too were taken out.

Whilst the military,where trying to sort their act out, the jihadists decided to leave by speedboat. Gee who would have thought to have used boats in which to attack an Island.