Thursday, February 2, 2017

UK: Muslim child rape-gang shout 'Allahu Akbar' in court as they are jailed for their crimes.

(Rotherham) Northern England, in the city of Rotherham which became infamous a few years back when it came out in the wash that Islamic rape gangs had run riot over the city and raped over 1400 under-age girls between 1997 and 2013. What made this even more damning is when it was revealed that the socialist council had known about the peccadilloes of these gangs of Pakistani men for years, but declined to do anything about it, because of their zealous subscription to the diktats of political correctness, in fact they were so zealous that they actually instigated a robbery at the offices of a Home Office official who was investigating the sexual exploitation of children in Rotherham. Her crime, she sent reports to both the council and the home office which stated that most of the perpetrators were from Rotherham's Pakistani community. That robbery only targeted one filing cabinet in her office , hers and all her data was stolen. Even when they were found out they refused to resign and only after their PC leaders were sacked did the entire socialist council resign on mass, but even now they refused to acknowledge any wrong doing.

Well that was in the past, and it took an investigation by the Times newspaper in 2012 which finally broke through the aegis of Political Correctness which was protecting these Islamic child rapists from the hand of law. Over 300 Pakistani men have been identified and they are slowly going through the courts in which to ensure they pay the price of raping little girls. So far it has led to 18 Pakistani child rapists  being sent down for more than 280 years.

Which brings us to today. 6 Pakistani Muslims have been found guilty of child rape and sentenced to a total of 81 years  Basharat Dad, was sentenced to 20 years' imprisonment after he was found guilty of multiple child sexual offences. His brothers Nasar Dad, and Tayab Dad, 34, were jailed for 14 years six months and ten years respectively, for their crimes. Mohammed Sadiq, was jailed for 13 years, and Matloob Hussain, was jailed for 13 years. Amjad Ali, pleaded guilty to sexual intercourse with a girl under 13 at a court hearing last year. He was sentenced to 11 years in prison.
top row left to right: Tayab Dad, Nasar Dad, Basharat Dad Bottom row left to right: Matloob Hussain, Mohammed Sadiq, Amjad Ali 
As these Islamic paedophiles were sentenced Amjad Ali and Tayab Dad shouted 'Allahu Akbar' as they were led away from dock. Just goes to show that, despite what the ethical latte crowd claim, These pious Muslims felt that raping children is sanctioned by the holy Koran.