Monday, April 14, 2014

Islam, the fifth column in the UK?

(England) In the UK , hard evidence has emerged that Muslims have been using underhand techniques in which to take control of public  schools and then once in their grasp, they have enforced pure Islamic doctrine onto the children and thus be able to politically (And religiously) brainwash the very young to their cause. This they did by taking control of the schools governors and then once they had done so they removed any teachers (usually non-Muslims) and replaced them with teachers who subscribed to their ideological bent. So concerned is the government to these allegations, that a task force has been set up to investigate 430 schools in the Birmingham area alone, today it has been revealed that the investigation has been expanded to included Schools in West Yorkshire.

Khalid Mahmood who is the Labour MPs for the constituency of Perry Barr area of Birmingham has openily stated that Birmingham coucil have known about this Islamist agenda for a number of years , but have refused to take action due to a fear of being castigated as...Racists.

A letter by these Jihadists explaining their plan of action, was exposed by the media in early March 14, the name they gave to themselves was Operation Trojan Horse and as per usual, the idiots behind this little endeavour are playing the victim card.