Thursday, March 8, 2012

About those anti-Israeli boycotts

(Scotlandistan) How many times have you read about how the anti-Israel crowd pushing for a boycott of Jewish goods? Be it books, dates or even weapons, the ethical latte crowd really know how to show a mosque a good time when it comes to expressing a hatred for the Jew.

Well, that charge - to be at the front of the local mosque - is really strong in Scotland, which is why Muslims are feted as gods by the political elites. I mean this is the country where, while representing only 0.9% of the population, Muslims receive more Scottish government funding than the other 99.1% of the religious faiths.

With such a strong wish to prostate themselves before Allah every chance they get, it isn't hard to see how anti-Semitism is alive and kicking in Scotland. Boycotts against Israel are as Scottish as whiskey. (Probably explains why the SNP are going to increase the tax on alcohol.)

So, into this backdrop of left-wing Scottish dogma, we find that Scotland has started treating impotent men with a revolutionary ISRAELI treatment for Scottish pricks who can no longer get it up. I'm sure that the Scottish anti-Semitic activists will soon be phoning their friends and sending e-mails in which to point out this illegal use of Israeli technology. Which has me asking, do they know about the Israeli tech behind the mobile phone and micro computers?

Oh look, there's that's 'H' word again.