Friday, October 19, 2018

UK: 20 Pakistani paedophiles found guilty of child rape in the UK

(Huddersfield)  Today in Northern England, 20 Pakistani males have been jailed for a combined total of 220 years after being found guilty of sexually abusing vulnerable girls as young as eleven. This gang is the latest in a string of raping paedophiles (Which for some very strange reason are never refereed to by the British authorities or media as such) and follows on the heels of  towns and cities such as: Rotherham, Oxford, Rochdale, Derby, Banbury, Telford, Peterborough, Aylesbury, Bristol, Halifax, Keighley, Newcastle. High Wycombe where the authorities (Police, Social workers, Health workers, MPs and councillors) turned a blind eye to the peccadilloes of primarily Pakistani Islamic males simply because they didn't wish to be seen as racists .

However a change in 2010 away from the socialist Labour government which openly courts the Islamic vote to the Conservative party has seen the protection afforded to these vile child rapists taken away resulting in hundreds of Pakistani males jailed for raping little white girls. Today the following found out the hardway that the Islamic penchant for raping children is no longer to be allowed to be swept under the rug in the UK.

Amere Singh Dhaliwal, 35 jailed for life, minimum of 18 years

- Irfan Ahmed, 34 - jailed for eight years

- Zahid Hassan, 29 - jailed for 18 years

- Mohammed Kammer, 34 - jailed for 16 years

- Mohammed Rizwan Aslam,31 -jailed for 15 years

- Abdul Rehman, 31 -jailed for 16 years

- Raj Singh Barsran, 34 - jailed for 17 years

- Nahman Mohammed, 32 - jailed for 15 years

- Mansoor Akhtar,27 - jailed for eight years

- Wiqas Mahmud, 38 - jailed for 15 years

- Nasarat Hussain, 30 - jailed for 17 years

-  Sajid Hussain, 33 - jailed for 17 years

- Mohammed Irfraz, 30 - jailed for six years

- Faisal Nadeem, 32 - jailed for 12 years

- Mohammed Azeem, 33 - jailed for 18 years

- Manzoor Hassan, 38 - jailed for five years

- Niaz Ahmed, 54, - to be sentenced on November 1

- Mohammed Imran Ibrar, 34 - to be sentenced on November 1

- Asif Bashir,  33 - sentenced November 1

- Mohammed Akram,33 - to be sentenced on November 1

You'd think the authorities after finding so many Pakistani males guilty of such crimes would have no problem in referring to these evil things as..Pakistani Islamic paedophiles , but they don't, instead they continue to point in other directions in which not to be seen as racists, which is why the above are referred to as: Asians and groomers.

Political correctness has so much to answer for.

Interlude:The Police - Message In A Bottle

Sunday, October 14, 2018

UK: Dogooders prevent the deportation of a rapist

(London)  My last post was about the current WOKE generation who find fault in everything and anything without checking the facts. One such example is how the other day a 19 year old Somali immigrant Yaqub Ahmed was being deported after carrying out half a 6 year prison sentence after the gang rape  of a 16 year old girl was prevented from being kicked out of the country after a bunch of so called 'WOKE' idiots objected to him being deported because they felt he should remain with his family. Yup nothing like a stupid liberal minded idiot defending a gang rapist:

If by chance one of the wankers demanding that this gang rapist be taken off the plane as his family are in the UK and it would be a death sentence if he is returned to Somali has arrived at this site, Do be so kind to say if you would you still demand for a gang rapist to be allowed to remain in the Uk.

UK: Tracey Ullman debates the current WOKE generation

(BBC) Tracey Ullman is a British Comedian whose biggest claim to fame is for producing a series of cartoon shorts featuring a dysfunctional family called the Simpsons. Anyway she's still in the business and her show recently knocked out this comedy skit regards the current  'WOKE' generation;

Oh and by the way a Hob Nob is a popular British biscuit.

Saturday, October 13, 2018

Egypt: Bisha'a the trial of fire where you prove your innocence by licking a red hot metal object

(Cairo) Bisha'a is a ritual practised by Bedouin tribes of  Egypt and Saudi Arabia for the purpose of lie detection. The ritual consists of the accused being asked to lick a hot metal object (spoon, ladle, rod, etc.) thrice. He is provided with water for rinsing after the ceremony. He /she is then inspected by the official who presides over the ceremony  If the person undergoing the ritual is found to have a scarred or burnt tongue, it is concluded that they are lying. The Howeitat Bedouin call this ritual "the true light of God".

The British when they ruled Egypt banned this evil practice and it is still apparently banned in modern day Egypt.  However it is still practised by some of the more fervent crowd as this video from DW shows: