Friday, November 15, 2019

Interlude: Danny & The Juniors :At The Hop

Sunday, November 10, 2019

Syria: These are the so called innocent victims the do-gooders say should be given a second chance

(Syria) Since the fall of ISIS, the liberals, do-gooders and plain stupid demand the West should take in the ISIS camp followers as it is the right thing to do. The moral thing to do and of course the only thing to do. well Sky TV popped in for a chat with the inhabitants of the main camp holding these people and they told him on camera exactly how they feel about the kuffer:

Remembrance Day: Lest We Forget

Tomorrow is Nov 11: Remembrance day where we pay homage to those before us who gave their best . Never forget their sacrifice

Saturday, November 9, 2019

Syria: ISIS bride from Alabama demands to be allowed to return saying she should be given a second chance

(Syria) 25 year old Hoda Muthana who was  born in New Jersey, and who willingly left the United States to join the Islamic State five years ago, is saying from Syria that  she "regrets every single thing" and is fighting for the right to return home despite the loss of her citizenship.

Muthana, left her family home in Alabama in 2014 after making contact with ISIS fighters through social media.  Upon arriving in Syria to join ISIS in 2014, Muthana burned her U.S. passport and declared herself a part of the caliphate. She married an Australian-born ISIS fighter who was killed in 2015 and subsequently married a Tunisian fighter who was also killed, but with whom she had a son. Muthana married one more fighter, whom she divorced. Over there took to social media in which to promote the ISIS ideology gaining  a large following after  expressing  anti-Western ideology encouraging jihadis to "go on drivebys, and spill all of their blood."

As the ISIS enclave in Syria collapsed, Muthana surrendered to coalition forces in January 2019 and asked to come back to the U.S. in February. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, through the instruction of President Trump, publicly denied reentry to Muthana and her two-year-old son. she in turn tried to sue the US government for denying an known enemy and traitor to the US to return, (Apparently that isn't working well) 

Well as other brides of ISIS have done Muthana  has given an interview (In the hope of changing public opinion)  where she says she "regrets every single thing" and believes she should be given the option to return to the United States with her young son.
“Anyone that believes in God believes that everyone deserves a second chance, no matter how harmful their sins were,”
Something tells me she'd be better off going to Yemen.

Bolivia: The other South American socialist paradise sees the people revolt

(La Paz) So after a couple of years in the world’s foremost socialist paradise (Venezuela) loved by the likes of Hollywood stars, Western liberal politicians and the plain stupid. Where the dictator for life has to use his troops to remain in power, the other socialist paradise ‘Boliva’ appears to be travelling down the same path.

After the last general election last month which President Evo Morales happened to win for a 4th time. The constitution in Bolivia only allows 2 terms as president, but after Morales failed to win the vote in which to change it to allow him to enter for a 4th term, (His first term in 2006 doesn’t count) he appealed to the courts , who stated that it would be against his human rights if he was denied to rule for a 4th term and so last month he won yet again, but only after voting was stopped early (after exit polls appeared to show he didn’t have enough votes for an outright win) and then and 2 hours later Morales declared himself the winner, which he substantiated a full 24 hours later with a very detailed breakdown  of how the people voted  which surprise, surprise showed that the people had voted for him.

Unfortunately for Bolivas dictator for life , lots of ballots papers in his name were found in parts of the capital in the hands of people who were not electoral officials, things became even worse when video of the police protecting those ballots and the fake officials aired. virtually the whole of the world (you don't have to guess who didn’t) have demanded that the vote be taken again, however the dictator has said no.

As you may have gathered all of this hasn't gone down well with the plebs and so they have been out protesting  on the streets of the country in which to express their anger , by Thursday 3 people had been killed by the police, this saw Patricia Arce  the female mayor of Vinto dragged through the streets by the protesters , covered in red paint and having her hair cut of, for belonging to the same party as Morales. Well that public anger took a turn for the worse for el presedanti  yesterday when a large part of the countries police force sided with the protesters. 

Syria: Turkish and Syrian forces clash.

(Ras al-Ayn)  It appears the Turks may have made a huge mistake launching a third invasion of Syria the other week , it which to rid itself of its Kurdish problem, albeit inside Syria.  Its seems their premise that Damascus was far too weak to do anything about their little invasion proved inaccurate and today the Syrians launched an operation to kick the Turks out of Syria, winning the first shindig by kicking the Turks out of the village of Shu’ayfah village situated near  the border town  of  Ras al-Ayn 

Whislt Turkey may have a larger and better armed military, its soldiers are virtually untested. The Syrians on the otherhand have 8 years of hard battle experience to fall back on and in a fight that really counts.Politically the Turks can do nothing as they are the ones invading another country and very much doubt any NATO country will back them up here..