Saturday, November 18, 2017

India: 6 Pakistani terrorists killed by Indian troops.

(Hajin)  Indian forces acting on a tip off today besieged  Chandergeer village in Jammu and Kashmir’s Bandipora district  resulting in 6 Pakistani funded Terrorists getting killed. 

Unfortunately one Indian airforce commando was killed also. Shesh Paul Vaid, state police chief, spoke to the media that security forces had killed six fighters linked to the Pakistan-based Lashkar-e-Taiba group.
"The operation is over,all the six terrorists killed today were Pakistani,"
Among the six foreign terrorists killed was Owaid, the nephew of LeT operation commander Lakhvi, the mastermind of 26/11 Mumbai terror attack. which saw a 10 Pakistani terrorists murder 157 people and injure another 600 people.

France: 2 Muslims arrested for entering Monastery during evening prayers and acting the goat.

(Verdun) 2 men with thick beards and wearing Islamic dress have been arrested after they entered the Monastery of Carmel in Verdun, carried out the Islamic prayer during vespers (Evening prayer)  informed the nuns present that if they didn’t convert to Islam  they would all go to hell and on their way out decided to write ‘Allah Ackba’ in the visitors book.

Both were arrested not long after in the town and have been locked away until their day in court which has been booked for the 28th April 2018 for aggravated voluntary violence . Violence, in this case, is psychological violence. Which can incur a sentence of three years imprisonment and 45,000 € fine.

Police have been quick to clamp down on these two idiots after the case last year were 84 year old Fr Jacques Hamel was murdered inside his church during morning mass by 2 Muslims.

Spain: Police shoot man at border checkpoint after he approached them screaming 'Allah Akba'

(La Jonquera) just after midnight on the border between Spain and France, customs carried out a check on a vehicle heading into France. 

Whilst the Female driver was compliant, the Customs staff became aware of the unease of the male passenger and asked him to set out.  This he did, however once outside they be became aware of something suspicious under his top, at this point, the man started shouting ‘Allah ackba’ and scuttled back into the car. Customs cleared the area and called the police. 30 mins later the suspect left the vehicle and approached the agents with a nervous attitude carrying an object in his hand which couldn’t be identified due to the darkness of the night. ignoring the policemen's requests to stop, they fired several shots into the air to stop advance  but, he took no notice and continued to close with . At this point the Police decided to shoot him. He was wounded and taken to the local hospital for treatment.

Spanish police have stated they are not treating this as a terrorist incident, but rather the French man of Moroccan origin, was suffering from  some type of mental disorder.

Friday, November 17, 2017

Germany: Fears of another election if coalition Government cannot come to an agreement.

(Berlin)  In September Germany held a federal election which Angela Merkel won but with a much reduced share of the vote for her conservative party which now requires two junior coalition partners to form a government, the Greens and the pro-business Free Democratic Party (FDP) — the black, green and yellow of their colours forming a so-called "Jamaica" coalition.  (I suppose in the UK/US that would be deemed racist)

After a month of talks, nothing concrete has been laid down and with the deadline for talks fast approaching,  a lot of people are going to have to suck it up.
So what happens next:
  • Official coalition negotiations will now begin
  • The talks will focus on dividing up cabinet posts between the parties, with the Greens and FDP eyeing key ministries.
  • Negotiations could continue for several more weeks

  • Merkel's conservatives could form minority government, possibly with Greens
  • Talks could possibly begin with the Social Democrats (SPD) to form another so-called "grand coalition."
  • New national elections could be called.

  • The parties will try to hammer out a more concrete preliminary coalition agreement.
  • Talks could continue for several more weeks before official ones begin.

Venezuela: President Nicolas Maduro Is accused of been responsible for 8,000 murders

(Den Hague) Luisa Ortega Venezuela’s ousted chief prosecutor on Thursday asked the International Criminal Court to open an investigation into President Nicolas Maduro and four other senior officials for alleged crimes against humanity.
Ortega, who was fired after falling out with the Madurogovernment earlier this year, appeared at The Hague where she filed a complaint, based on the 8,290 deaths she says took place between 2015 and 2017 at the hands of officials who received instructions from the government.
“Nicolas Maduro and his government should pay for these crimes against humanity just as they must also pay for the hunger, misery and hardship they’ve inflicted on the Venezuelan people,”
Ortega said she was taking her complaint to the international tribunal because “it’s not possible to punish these people” in Venezuela, where she said the judiciary has been taken over by the ruling socialist party. Unfortunately for Maduro she managed to secrete damning evidence from her office before she left and handed it over to the International criminal court. 

It looks like the beginning of the end for yet another socialist experiment which has failed the people. George Orwell  got it so right when he wrote his children’s book  ‘Animal farm’  regards the ugliness of socialism in 1945.

UK: Fesal jailed for 6 years for raping a 14 year old.

(Birmingham) Fesal Aidarus befriended a 14 year old irl and offered to take her to a bonfire display in 2015.  On route he demanded oral sex off her, she refused, he then demanded sex, she refused again, not happy at how his honour had been offended, fesal raped her. He was arrested a couple of days later after being spotted near to where the attack took place.

Fesal the child rapist
In court this week he pleaded not guilty and after only 4 hours was found guilty of rape. He was sent down for 6 years. Meaning 3 years and he’ll be out. After he was jailed video emerged of this Islamic rapist expressing how he really feels about woman. Gee I wonder which unholy book that comes from? 

Belgium: More riots hit the capital.

(Brussels) Days after Moroccan football fans rioted across Belgium, the usual suspects rioted again simply because they could:

Rioters clashed with police after a Vargasss 92, a french You-Tube rapper tried to illegally shoot a video, His fans weren't happy with his arrest and so they rioted.

Nigeria: Suicide attacks on Mosque kill 18 injure 29

(Maiduguri) I simply cannot understand the Islamic terrorist group Boko Haram and it campaign to install sharia law in Nigeria. You see Nigeria is a country split in two, the top half is Islamic and run under Sharia law and the bottom half is Christian and isn’t.

So where do these Nigeria Islamic warriors carry out their attacks in which to force Sharia law onto everyone. The North. Which is why on Wednesday 4 suicide bombers descended on a mosque in the Northern city of Maiduguri and uttered , “Allah ackba’ for the last time. Killing 18 people and injuring another 29.

If you want to get the people on your side, I suppose not killing them would help. 

Syria: Air strike on market kills 61

(Atareb) More than 60 people were killed in after Syrian/Russian air-force carried out airstrikes on a market in north Syria on Monday on a town inside rebel held terrority.

There were at least three airstrikes on the market at Atareb, a town in the Aleppo countryside which had become swollen by the arrival of refugees from nearby battles.

For some strange reason this hasn't received that much coverage in the Western Media, neither have the so called ethical latte crowd, who are always the first to scream foul play at the US/UK or Israel made a sound. Funny that.

UK: Naz Shah barred for saying: Teachers brainwashing our children into thinking Hitler was the bad guy"

(Bradford)  The Socialist Labour party in the UK is the official opposition to the Government and it has as its leader a terrorist sycophant who has publicly supported the enemies of the land, be it the IRA, Russia, Iran and of late Islamic terrorism. I mean here is a man who could be the next leader of the Uk and he publicly called the death of Osama bin Laden a 'tragedy'

With such an idiot as leader, it isn't surprising to find Anti-Semitism running deep within the party. Oh he says there isn't any (Here's a few examples: 1,2,3,4,5) and he had a former human rights champion lead an investigation into that subject. She found none and then within days found herself given a peerage in the House of Lords .

Well despite the all clear as afforded by a so called Human right lawyer. Anti Semitism is still rife within the party and it takes bloggers to expose the ugliness found with the ranks of a party which claims to support equality for all. One such example is Naz Shah who the labour party was going to parachute into a safe city of Bradford seat with a high Islamic population. The same Naz Shah who tweeted this about the victims of Islamic rape gangs in the UK:

The thing is in Aug 2016 she was forced to resign as the parliamentary private secretary to the shadow chancellor, after it was exposed that she didn't like Jews:

Well as is the way of racist Socialist bigots, having presumed that the above furore had quietened down, Labour decided to promote her for another another bash at entering Government. Problem for her, even more posts of her anti-Semitism have turned up such as:

Naturally she has expressed contrition:
 “I have travelled a long way since then and learned so much. I profoundly regret the comments I made in 2012 and any offence they caused.”

Well forced to act, Labour have barred the nasty piece of work from standing  in Little Horton. However the real question we should be asking is for how long.

Interlude:Dave Clark Five:Bits and Pieces

Pakistan: Mohammad burnt his wife to death after she refused to allow him a second wife.

(Tank District) Faiz Mohammad wasn’t happy with his wife when she expressed her displeasure of him acquiring a second wife. Feeling that he had lost his honour he doused her in petrol and set her afire last month.

She died last Saturday after spending the past 20 days in hospital with severe burns.  The hospital accepted his family’s excuse that she burnt herself whilst cooking; He said it was a failed suicide attempt. However before she died she informed her mother, who whilst scarred of reprisals informed the police and under questioning he admitted to setting the mother of his 2 month old daughter alight because he was angry at her refusal. 

Germany: Court rules that Kuwaiti airline within rights to refuse Israeli citizen a flight.

(Frankfurt) A  German court has ruled that Kuwaiti airlines was within its rights to cancel a flight made by a Jewish student living in Germany on a flight to Thailand. The cancellation came a few days before the students scheduled departure in August 2016 when he revealed he had an Israeli passport. The airline did offer to book him on a nonstop flight to Bangkok with another carrier. He refused the offer and filed the lawsuit, seeking compensation for alleged discrimination. He also insisted the airline should have to accept him as a passenger.

However the court rejected his discrimination claim ruling that German law covers discrimination based on race, ethnicity or religion, but not nationality.

Whilst the offer of booking another flight was generous, I have to admit it does smack of discrimination and if the shoe had been on the other foot, all hell would be playing loose. I cannot help but feel that the West is appeasing Islam more and more on a daily basis.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

China: Fitting its Recce vehicles with UAvs

(Beijing)  There is no doubt that China is making huge leaps and bounds with its military. What was once a third rate power which used pure numbers in which to get its way, is now rapidly updating its armed forces. One such example is how it has started to equip its Norinco Type 89 tracked Reconnaissance Vehicles with lightweight drones allowing them do their job that much better.

Kuwait: British Muslim offended by Kuwaiti School telling her she can't wear her hijab in class.

(Kuwait) When 23 year old British Muslim Fouzia Khatun, applied for a job as a nursery teacher in Kuwait she was offended  when she  told she would have to remove her hijab because it is 'an English school'.Miss Khatun, had hoped to work at The English Playgroup in the Muslim Gulf state - where she felt she would be 'more accepted' than in the UK. However after applying for the job, she received  an email from the school's HR staff reading:

 'Parents don't want their children taught by covered teachers. It is an English school'.
It added that she would not be allowed to wear her headscarf on the premises if she wanted the job at the fee-paying school - and that this was 'non-negotiable'

Naturally as is the world today where rules no longer apply Miss Khatun was offended and took to social media in which to express her disgust at how an Islamic country run by Muslims has rules.
"I find It disgusting that you think it’s acceptable to ask your employees to remove such a personal and important thing for the sake of appearing physically acceptable to parents, when in fact you should be demonstrating to your students’ acceptance of all kinds of people and presenting this with your varied choice of employee.”
The last I looked fee paying schools are there for the parents and not for people sending in application forms.

US: College student axed for shooting hoops during national-anthem, now plays the victim card.

(Kansas) When Rasool Samir a Garden City Community College student decided to shoot hoops during the playing of the national anthem, he not only found himself leaving the game before it had started, he found himself leaving  his scholarship program at the community college behind as he flew back home to Philadelphia.

Samir has now decided to play the victimcard and stated that as he is a Muslim, it is forbidden for him to stand during the playing of the national anthem and has enrolled the ACLU in which to play the victimcard.  

Samir, claims he wasn’t protesting, as many athletes across the country have done by kneeling or performing other actions during the national anthem in protest of police brutality and racial inequality. Citing his faith, he said standing for the anthem has never been something he’s done, and he did not expect a negative reaction.  He apologised for shooting around during the anthem, saying he did not:
“Mean any disrespect at all to the fans or the flag at last night’s game. I am truly sorry to anyone that felt disrespected, and I am also sorry to the school. I apologize for what happened.”
As  mentioned the ACLUhave now got involved and their complaint differs somewhat from what actually transpired:
“Earlier this week, the American Civil Liberties Union of Kansas received a complaint from Rasool Samir, a former student-athlete at Garden City Community College (GCCC) who was ejected from a GCCC game on November 1 for declining to observe the national anthem. Samir was later dismissed from the basketball team and unenrolled at GCCC. As a Muslim, Samir chose not to stand for the national anthem for religious reasons and had abstained in previous games without incident.”
Err even Samir admits to shooting hoops during the national anthem, simply saying he didn’t stand for religious reasons isn't going to wash. I mean Muslims in Islamic countries have no problem standing for their national anthem, so why is the US different?

It appears that Samir has found out the hardway that when you are on a scholarship program it pays to be thankful of the chance you have been given and that acting the idiot in front of thousands of people simply ruins your life.